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Der autonome KI-Racer der TU München setzte sich auf der Formel 1-Strecke in Abu Dhabi gegen sieben andere internationale Teams mit baugleichen Rennwagen durch.

cenews – April 28, 2024. Vehicle controlled entirely by artificial intelligence, for the first time on the Grand Prix circuit in Abu Dahbi with numerous bends, overtaking maneuvers and speeds of up to 250 km/h.

Indy Autonomous Challenge 2024: Der Rennwagen der TU München.

cenews – January 15, 2024. Victory at 250 km/h. The race at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas took place on an oval where Nascars normally do their laps.

Das Elektromobil Muc022 der TU München bei seiner Rekordfahrt.

cenews – September 10, 2023. Student team from the Technical University of Munich made its rounds in an empty aircraft hangar for six days using the energy of a 15.5-kWh battery.