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The Renault Rafale can be ordered

Renault is now accepting orders for the Rafale. The 4.71-metre-long new model with the body style of an SUV coupé will initially be launched as a full hybrid. The engine of the Rafale E-Tech Full Hybrid delivers 200 hp (147 kW) and achieves a WLTP standard consumption of just 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers. Depending on the equipment, all-wheel steering is also available. The trunk of the Rafale has a volume of 627 liters, and the panoramic roof with liquid crystal technology can also be made opaque or transparent by voice command via the Google Assistant.

The basic version of the Renault Rafale E-Tech Full Hybrid costs 43,800 euros and will be available from the summer. A more powerful all-wheel drive version with 300 hp (220 kW), which also has an electric motor on the rear axle and a special chassis set-up, will follow by the end of the year. (aum)

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Photo: Autoren-Union Mobilität/Renault