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Radnabenantrieb Uni Wheel von Hyundai und Kia.

cenews – December 1, 2023. Uni Wheel saves installation space, creates space in the vehicle interior and enables new forms of vehicle movement, including climbing stairs. Eight patents pending.

Produktion eines Hyundai Ioniq 5 Robotaxi.

cenews – November 24, 2023. The Ioniq 5 of the SAE-4 automation level will be used in the USA from next year. It will be built at the Group's new Innovation Center in Singapore.

Reycling und Wiederaufbereitung im „Circular Economy“-Zentrum von Stellantis in Turin.

cenews – November 24, 2023. At the Circular Economy Hub in Turin, older vehicles are reconditioned and old parts are recycled for reuse. 73,000 square meter complex.

Mahles Positionierungssystem DIPS für induktives Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen.

cenews – November 23, 2023. The SAE has spoken out in favor of Stuttgart's solution for inductive charging of electric cars. The DIPS will be made available to all manufacturers as a license model.

ZF-Konzeptfahrzeug mit rein elektromechanischem Bremssystem Brake-by-Wire.

cenews – November 13, 2023. Braking force on each wheel is generated by an electric motor, shorter braking distances, no abrasion or fine dust and no hydraulic system saves production and workshop costs.

Tourenrennwagen BMW 3.0 CSL von 1972, den Prinz Leopold von Bayern bei historischen Motorsportveranstaltungen mit Bio-Sprit fährt.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – November 12, 2023. In 2025, historic racing cars powered by climate-neutral, synthetic fuels are to start at the Salzburgring. Stuck, Danner and Prince Leopold want to take part.

ZF-Vorstandsvorsitzender Holger Klein und William Li, Gründer und CEO von Nio.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – November 6, 2023. In this interview, the CEO of the world's third-largest automotive supplier talks about electromobility, technological openness and the Chinese car manufacturers' offensive.

Mahle Entwicklungszentrum für Batterietechnologien in Stuttgart.

cenews – November 2, 2023. Focused on development needs of European customers, from prototypes to small series production, from e-bikes to electric trucks, first projects for OEM already completed.

Die TVS Apache RTR 310 ist das weltweit erste Motorrad unter 400 Kubikzentimeter Hubraum, das die Motorradstabilitätskontrolle mit 6-D-IMU von Bosch bekommt.

cenews – October 31, 2023. Bosch brings its cornering ABS and stability control to the lower mid-range motorcycle class. More safety even when leaning.

Brüssel Motor Show 2023: Mazda MX-30 e-Skyactiv R-EV.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – October 28, 2023. In the 1960s, many automakers placed great hope in the Wankel engine. Only Mazda is still faithful to it and is now bringing it back as a range extender in the MX-30.

Motorrad-Transportständer Lock-n-Load Pro von Risk Racing.

cenews – October 25, 2023. The transport stand Lock-n-Load Pro holds Sportenduros and light cross bikes at the footrests. The base plate is bolted to the vehicle floor.

2,0-Liter-Wasserstoff-Turbomotor von AVL Racetech.

cenews – October 17, 2023. The company will soon be testing the new engine concept for automotive racing on the racetrack. 500 Newton meters of torque.

Mahle-CEO Arnd Franz.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – October 8, 2023. The young business unit Charge Big offers a solution beyond the wallbox. Costs per charging point are significantly lower. Seven or 22 kilowatts.

Mazda MX-30 R-EV.
By Frank Wald

cenews – October 6, 2023. The Wankel engine is back, albeit this time "only" as an energy supplier for the crossover's serial plug-in hybrid drive, with identical price, but also speed limit.

Auf der IAA Mobility in München wurde die Ducati V21L mit einer speziellen Lackierung in den traditonellen Motorsportfarben der Marke gezeigt.

cenews – September 26, 2023. Balance of the first Moto-E racing season. Up to 282 km/h fast and an average of two and a half seconds to 100 km/h. The motorcycles were charged over 1000 times.

Legte mit 80 Kilo Flüssigwasserstoff über 1000 Kilometer zurück: Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck.

cenews – September 26, 2023. Daimler Truck has sent a prototype of the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 fully loaded from Wörth to Berlin. 80 kilograms of deep-frozen green liquid hydrogen.

Toyota stellt für die Olympischen und Paralympischen Spiele 2024 in Paris 500 Mirai bereit.

cenews – September 20, 2023. Toyota is providing a fleet of fuel cell sedans for next year's Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. Energy from renewable sources.

Gemeinsam mit der Konzernschwester Lamborghini entwickelt Ducati die Vehicle-to-Vehicle-Technologie weiter, um Motorrad fahren sicherer zu machen.

cenews – September 18, 2023. Together with Lamborghini, new V2V technologies are being developed to mitigate the most critical and common accident situations in collisions with passenger cars.

Stellantis hat seine Motorenbaureihen erfolgreich auf e-Fuel-Tauglichkeit getestet.

cenews – September 5, 2023. The car company has been testing its engine series for months. Technical changes would not be necessary. Cooperation with the chemical and energy company Aramco.


cenews – August 31, 2023. Trend Micro's first "Pwn2Own Automotive" will take place in Tokyo in January 2024.

Bei der Entwicklung einer neuen und effizienteren Batteriekühlplatte hat sich Mahle bei den Flüssigkeitskanälen an Strukturen in der Natur orientiert.

cenews – August 10, 2023. The ducts are no longer laid out strictly geometrically. Performance improves by ten percent with less material used. Premiere at the IAA in Munich.

Comeback der Benziner: Forsa-Autostudie 2023 im Auftrag der Targobank.

cenews – August 3, 2023. Popularity increases significantly, diesel continues to decline, environmentally friendly image of e-cars crumbles, e-fuels become more popular, majority for speed limit and free public transport.

Vernetzter ZF-Sicherheitsgurt mit aktivem Gurtstraffer.

cenews – August 3, 2023. Networked system is designed to put occupants in the right seating position in the event of danger, coupled with emergency braking assistants, can also be used as a signal generator and wake-up jogger.

Thomas Koch.

cenews – August 3, 2023. In an interview, engine expert Prof. Thomas Koch also sees some good sides to the ultra-strict emissions regulations from Europe.

Die My-Porsche-App steuert Komfort- und Entertainmentfunktionen direkt in Apple Carplay.
By Guido Reinking, cen

cenews – July 28, 2023. The sports car manufacturer sees the corresponding customer demand. Deeper integration of Carplay into the vehicle infotainment comes with the new Cayenne.