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Radnabenantrieb Uni Wheel von Hyundai und Kia.

cenews – December 1, 2023. Uni Wheel saves installation space, creates space in the vehicle interior and enables new forms of vehicle movement, including climbing stairs. Eight patents pending.

Renault 5.

cenews – November 30, 2023. The new electric car can already be pre-ordered and will be launched on the market next fall. Range of up to 400 kilometers, price around 25,000 euros.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N.
By Jens Meiners

cenews – November 30, 2023. With the Ioniq 5 N, Hyundai is launching a 478 kW sports version that does many things differently to others. Simulated gear changes and engine noises.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer Electric.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – November 29, 2023. Opel has launched the 115 kW Astra Sports Tourer Electric. Over 400 kilometers of range and up to 1553 liters of luggage capacity. From 43,490 euros.

Ari 345 Retro.

cenews – November 28, 2023. The "Retro" model of the cargo trike now also comes with full weather protection in the style of the Vespa Ape. Attractive design. From just under 14,000 euros with various superstructures.

GWM Wey 03.
By Frank Wald

cenews – November 28, 2023. With Wey 03 and Wey 05, Great Wall Motor is not only introducing new names, but also two plug-in hybrid SUV for the premium segment with currently unique ranges.

Böckmann Compact E.

cenews – November 27, 2023. Trailer specialist Böckmann has presented a Renault Trucks E-Tech Master as a concept vehicle for trips to training, the vet or competitions nearby.

Detail der Mittelkonsole des Lancia Ypsilon „Cassina Limited Edition“.

cenews – November 27, 2023. To mark the market launch, there is a special all-electric edition, limited to 1906 units, which has been created in cooperation with the furniture brand Cassina.

Dacia Spring Electric 45.

cenews – November 24, 2023. The offer for private customers is valid until the end of the year. Leasing or three-way financing. From 99 euros per month. The Bafa subsidy is guaranteed for online orders.

Fiat Topolino.

cenews – November 22, 2023. The light electric vehicle is also available as an open version. The 45 km/h two-seater can be driven from the age of 15. Leasing for 49 euros at market launch.

Renault Master.

cenews – November 21, 2023. The fourth generation has a significantly improved drag coefficient, is more economical and is designed for all types of drive systems. Increased driving comfort, 20 assistance systems.


cenews – November 21, 2023. Both companies have signed a letter of intent to supply lithium iron phosphate batteries for Europe. Foundation of a joint venture possible.

Peugeot E-3008.

cenews – November 21, 2023. The new electric SUV will be launched in spring at prices starting from 48,650 euros. Range of up to 700 kilometers. Series also available as a 48-volt mild hybrid.

Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 SUV.
By Frank Wald

cenews – November 20, 2023. The top-of-the-range Stromer impresses with its pomp and power, comfort and technology, but also raises doubts about its urbanity and sustainability.

Dayun ES3.
By Jens Riedel

cenews – November 19, 2023. With the Dayun ES3, Lada Automobile GmbH offers the second most affordable electric car on the market. Four doors, four seats and a top speed of 100 km/h as well as a range of around 300 kilometers.

Peugeot E-208.
By Ute Kernbach

cenews – November 15, 2023. The little French car was the best-selling car in Europe last year. In Germany, one in two is the electric version, which will have an output of 115 kW in future.

Peugeot E-308 SW.
By Ute Kernbach

cenews – November 15, 2023. With the new model generation, the French company is offering a fully electric estate for the first time alongside the saloon. 15 to 16 kWh standard consumption. The speed limit is 170 km/h.

Renault Twingo Concept.

cenews – November 15, 2023. The new business unit plans to launch seven models on the market over the next eight years. The Scénic and R 5 will be the first, with the aim of making electric cars more affordable.

Hyundai Kona Elektro.

cenews – November 13, 2023. When buying or leasing an Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6 or Kona electric until the end of the year, even if delivered later, dealer compensates, offers also for commercial customers.

Volvo EM 90.

cenews – November 13, 2023. All-electric MPV is trimmed for luxury with six lounge chairs and ceiling screen, 200 kW electric motor and 116 kWh battery with a range of up to 738 kilometers.

VW ID 7.
By Frank Wald

cenews – November 13, 2023. With its new cockpit layout, long range and luxury-class features, the new top model in the ID family sets new standards - but the price remains a challenge.

Kia EV9 GT-Line.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – November 8, 2023. The fully electric family SUV is five meters long and is said to have a range of up to 505 kilometers. Prices start at 72,490 euros.

Zero S.

cenews – November 7, 2023. The electric motorcycles are to become somewhat cheaper thanks to more identical parts. Drivers with A1 and A2 driving licenses will be targeted more than before.

Peugeot E-Rifter.

cenews – November 7, 2023. Redesigned front, more range and two new ten-inch displays. Adaptive cruise control and heated leather steering wheel for the high-roof estate.

ZF-Vorstandsvorsitzender Holger Klein und William Li, Gründer und CEO von Nio.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – November 6, 2023. In this interview, the CEO of the world's third-largest automotive supplier talks about electromobility, technological openness and the Chinese car manufacturers' offensive.

Produktionsstart für den neuen Toyota C-HR.

cenews – November 6, 2023. Second generation of the crossover SUV also available as a plug-in hybrid for the first time, investment of 308 million euros in production and first battery assembly in Europe.

Mahle Entwicklungszentrum für Batterietechnologien in Stuttgart.

cenews – November 2, 2023. Focused on development needs of European customers, from prototypes to small series production, from e-bikes to electric trucks, first projects for OEM already completed.

Freightliner eM2.

cenews – October 30, 2023. The all-electric medium-duty truck is available in two engine configurations, has up to 255 hp of continuous power and can travel up to 400 kilometers at a time.

Noch im tarnenden Camouflage-Look: VW ID 7 Tourer.

cenews – October 30, 2023. Electric a still rare species: The Tourer is to be launched next year and will offer 545 to 1710 liters of trunk space. The production site will be Emden.

Werk Zary von Valmet Automotive in Polen.

cenews – October 26, 2023. The area is to be increased by almost half for the expansion of production of electromobility solutions. New customer orders. Commissioning at the end of 2035.

Skoda Enyaq 85.
By Guido Borck

cenews – October 25, 2023. The iV type designation is dropped and the 80 becomes the 85. Better battery management and revised interior with software update.

Future Energy Lab von Jaguar Land Rover.

cenews – October 24, 2023. In the 30,000-square-meter facility, everything revolves around the development of electric cars. Nine models by 2030, starting with the Range Rover.

Toyota Land Cruiser Se.

cenews – October 24, 2023. At the Japan Mobility Show, formerly the Tokyo Motor Show, the world's largest automaker will present a whole range of different studies and concept vehicles.

Livewire S2 Del Mar.

cenews – October 23, 2023. The second model of Harley-Davidson's electric brand is coming to Europe early next year. Price in Germany: 18,490 euros, the A2 driving license is enough.

Rafael Nadfal und sein Kia EV9 GT-line.

cenews – October 23, 2023. The tennis star and brand ambassador has privately chosen the Ocean Blue Matt color and already has an EV6 in his personal fleet.

Opel CEO Florian Huettl.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – October 23, 2023. For the Opel boss, battery technology is the only way to make zero emissions widely available, which is why he also criticizes the reduction in government subsidies.

Nissan Hyper Punk.

cenews – October 21, 2023. Nissan is showing yet another fourth concept vehicle in its Hyper family at the Japan Mobility Show. The polygonally styled crossover is aimed primarily at influencers and artists.


cenews – October 21, 2023. Delivery milestone due to falling sales prices and brand's own Supercharger network, more than 13,000 charging stations in Europe, eight more added per day this year.

Produktion im Stellantis-Werk Melfi.

cenews – October 20, 2023. The all-electric hatchback planned for 2026 is based on the Stellantis STLA Medium platform, over 700 kilometers of range and short charging times.

Zur Olympiade werden zehn gebrauchte Iveco Crossway mit Technik von Toyota zu Brennstoffzellenbussen umgebaut.

cenews – October 19, 2023. Toyota supplies the technology for Iveco's vehicles. Diesel engine is replaced by electric motor. After the competitions, they will continue to be in Paris in the ice set.

Mahle-Chef Arnd Franz nahm den „Top Innovator Award 2023“ des Verbandes der europäischen Automobilzulieferer (CLEPA) entgegen.

cenews – October 19, 2023. The Association of European Automotive Suppliers presents the Innovation Award for the novel oil cooling system of the high-performance drive. Praise for sustainability reporting.

Dacia Spring im Green-NCAP-Test.

cenews – October 19, 2023. Green NCAP honors Dacia Spring, Ora Funky Cat, Renault Megane E-Tech and Tesla Model 3 with Life Cycle Assessment Award.

Citroën ë-C3.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – October 17, 2023. With the new model, the French remain under 23,500 euros, and there will be an even lower-priced version later. High driving comfort is promised.

Kia EV5.

cenews – October 12, 2023. The company announced new models at EV Day. Compact SUV with caming function to be launched next year. Expansion of services.

Opel Corsa Electric.
By Frank Wald

cenews – October 12, 2023. The revised small car bestseller appeals with its "Vizor" brand face and new technology features; hybrid drives are to follow soon in addition to the familiar internal combustion engines.

cenews – October 11, 2023. The new battery plant is to be built on the site of the first production facility already under construction. Total investment of over 5.5 billion euros.

Mahle-CEO Arnd Franz.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – October 8, 2023. The young business unit Charge Big offers a solution beyond the wallbox. Costs per charging point are significantly lower. Seven or 22 kilowatts.


cenews – October 6, 2023. Starting in 2025, the automotive group plans to build a new electric car in the USA. Modules with a total of 20 gigawatt hours per year will be combined to form vehicle packs.

Produktion in der Tesla-Fabrik Berlin-Brandenburg in Grünheide.
By Axel F. Busse

cenews – September 29, 2023. The factory in Grünheide is not out of the headlines even after one and a half years. Transparency portal "FragDenStaat" demands insight into documents from the state.

Kia EV9 an einer Schnellladesäule.

cenews – September 28, 2023. Kia introduces the fully automatic system with the EV9 quarter. It will gradually be extended to all electric models. The vehicle and the pillar communicate with each other.

Ari 1570 mit Arbeitsbühne.

cenews – September 26, 2023. Ari Motors now equips its small implement carrier with an eleven-meter boom and 200-kilo workman basket. Can be used in the forest as well as in the hall.


cenews – September 22, 2023. Federal Highway Research Institute presents its report: Lack of knowledge of rules and driving errors, lack of protective equipment and incorrect parking.

Toyota stellt für die Olympischen und Paralympischen Spiele 2024 in Paris 500 Mirai bereit.

cenews – September 20, 2023. Toyota is providing a fleet of fuel cell sedans for next year's Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. Energy from renewable sources.

Mittelkonsole von Grammer für den Hiphi X von Human Horizons.

cenews – September 19, 2023. Display holders, phone trays and cupholders with magnets, as well as fold-out tables, create a lounge atmosphere in the HiPhi X premium SUV. Covered in leather.

 Renault Trafic E-Tech Electric.

cenews – September 18, 2023. The panel van will be launched in the fall in various body variants. The engine has an output of 90 kW. Faster charging with 50 kW will be available later.

Feststoffbatterie von Toyota.

cenews – September 14, 2023. Toyota is working on various solutions for the next generation of batteries. From 2026, higher efficiency, faster charging and lower costs.

Hyundai Kona Elektro.

cenews – September 14, 2023. The new edition of the crossover was designed primarily as an e-car, but is also still available as a combustion engine. Two different battery sizes and power levels.

Geely-Messeauftritt auf der Auto Shanghai 2021.

cenews – September 13, 2023. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announces investigations into market-distorting subsidies during her State of the Union address.

Renault Trucks E-Tech Trafic.

cenews – September 12, 2023. The all-electric variant with 90 kW expands the Renault Trucks range. Transporter with a range of almost 300 kilometers. Different variants.

Peugeot E-3008.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – September 12, 2023. The new platform from the Stellantis Group is designed for record-breaking ranges of up to 700 kilometers. The electric car will be launched on the market at the beginning of next year.

Peugeot E-308 SW.

cenews – September 11, 2023. The SW is powered by a 115 kW engine and has a standard range of over 400 kilometers. The price list starts at 45,765 euros.


cenews – September 11, 2023. The factories in Oxford and Swindon are being made fit for the next generation of electric vehicles at a cost of around 700 million euros. No more combustion engines in the new decade.

Lexie Alford will mit einem Ford Explorer die erste Weltumrundung in einem Elektroauto schaffen.

cenews – September 10, 2023. Influencer Lexie Alford has set out on her record attempt. The Ford Explorer has to cover almost 29,000 kilometers on all six continents.

VW ID X Performance.

cenews – September 9, 2023. The X Performance is based on the ID 7, ast a wider track, a second engine and a lowered chassis. Lots of carbon and a power output of 411 kW.

Lotus Emeya.

cenews – September 8, 2023. Following the recently unveiled Eletre SUV, the Emeya hypercar sedan is now being presented as another electric model. Over 900 hp, to 100 km/h in under 2.8 seconds.

In Birmingham steht eine der größten Ladestationen Europas: Für den Belastungstest wurden 32 Jaguar I-Pace gleichzeitig an Ladepunkte angeschlossen.

cenews – September 8, 2023. One of the largest electric charging station in Europe is located in England. 32 Jaguar I-Pace were connected simultaneously to test the facility's load capacity.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally.

cenews – September 7, 2023. The new model variant is based on the GT, is higher and has more torque. Looks like a competition car. Available from spring.

In Zukunft mit Wasserstoff: Rennserie für Geländefahrzeuge.

cenews – August 31, 2023. Extreme E and the FIA announce plans for a world championship featuring hydrogen-powered off-road vehicles. First race later this year.

Erste „Charging Lounge“ von Porsche in Bingen.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – August 30, 2023. In the manufacturer's first "Charging Lounge," the energy flows at six pillars with up to 300 kW. Further stations in Europe on important traffic arteries are to follow.

Mercedes-Benz Schnellladepark.

cenews – August 29, 2023. Charging hubs in Atlanta (USA), Chengdu (China) and Mannheim (Germany) starting in October, up to 400 kW charging capacity, open to all brands, long-term target over 10,000 charging points by 2030.

Audi Q6 e-Tron Prototyp.

cenews – August 28, 2023. At the IAA Mobility, the Ingolstadt-based company is only unveiling the cockpit and interior of its first electric model on the new Premium Platform Electric, camouflaged prototype on the trade show grounds.

Elektro-Cabrio Fiat 500e.
By Guido Borck

cenews – August 27, 2023. The electric Cinquecento is currently the only fully electric fresh-air vehicle in the small car segment, which is sparsely populated with electric vehicles.

ZF-Stand "X-by-Wire" auf der IAA Mobility 2023.

cenews – August 25, 2023. Technology group puts portfolio of electronically controlled steering systems, brakes or dampers at center stage of trade show presentation, ultra-compact 800-volt electric drive.

Polestar 4.

cenews – August 25, 2023. Chauffeur-driving technology from Mobileye to debut in electric SUV coupe at a later date, sales launch in China, globally in 2024.

Techniker im JLR-Werk in Solihull.

cenews – August 24, 2023. Jaguar Land Rover creates new jobs at its Solihull, Gaydon and Whitley sites in England, £200 million for automated body production.

ZF-CEO Holger Klein.

cenews – August 22, 2023. Lighter, smaller e-motors, solutions for trucks: The development service provider is making a leap forward.

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 SUV.

cenews – August 21, 2023. The sporty flagship of the Swabian e-offensive with just under 700 hp is a marvel of longitudinal dynamics, but seems much more sluggish in tight corners than the combustion engines.

Opel Olympia Rekord Caravan (ab 1953).

cenews – August 20, 2023. World premiere 70 years ago: At the 1953 IAA, the first large-series station wagon from a German manufacturer was born with the presentation of the Opel Olympia Rekord Caravan.


cenews – August 17, 2023. Over $100 million for Controlled-Thermal-Resources project, including to make Stellantis streamers eligible for U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding.

Toyota Mirai, im Einsatz für H2Moves in Berlin.

cenews – August 17, 2023. Two-year pilot project "H2 Moves Berlin" with Toyota Mirai draws interim balance, nationwide largest hydrogen fleet in commercial passenger transport.


cenews – August 15, 2023. German Economist Hans-Werner Sinn: If Germany doesn't buy oil, others will, preferably China. 2023 brings new record demand for oil.