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Produktion des Skoda Superb Combi in Bratislava.

cenews – December 1, 2023. First up is the Combi. On a production line with the VW Passat. The relocation to the Bratislava plant increases capacity for the Octavia in Kvasiny.

Dacia Duster.
By Hans-Robert Richarz

cenews – November 29, 2023. The third generation of the successful model will appear next year: more attractive and larger but hardly more expensive. The price of the SUV will continue to start at under 20,000 euros.

Erste Skoda-Autohäuser setzen die neue Markenidentität um. In Europa beginnt die Umgestaltung in Tallinn, der Hauptstadt von Estland.

cenews – November 27, 2023. The new corporate identity first becomes visible in the new market of Vietnam. 4000 locations worldwide. First city store in Belgrade. Digital showroom concept in Kuwait.

Reycling und Wiederaufbereitung im „Circular Economy“-Zentrum von Stellantis in Turin.

cenews – November 24, 2023. At the Circular Economy Hub in Turin, older vehicles are reconditioned and old parts are recycled for reuse. 73,000 square meter complex.


cenews – November 21, 2023. Over 90,000 more new registrations than in the first nine months of the previous year. Germany remains number two behind Italy. Demand for mopeds dwindles.


cenews – November 21, 2023. Both companies have signed a letter of intent to supply lithium iron phosphate batteries for Europe. Foundation of a joint venture possible.

VW-Markenchef Thomas Schäfer.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – November 19, 2023. The brand is struggling with weak demand. Shorter development times should help. Brand boss Thomas Schäfer in an interview. 2033 is the end of combustion engines,

Grammer MSG 297/2900.

cenews – November 17, 2023. Grammer has combined two of its products to create the all-electric MSG 297/2900. No premium car offers more. Automatic seat adjustment.

Fahrzeugproduktion im Porsche-Werk Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

cenews – November 16, 2023. The main plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen was rebuilt and expanded at a cost of around 250 million euros. Capacity and flexibility are increased. New high-bay warehouse.

Renault Twingo Concept.

cenews – November 15, 2023. The new business unit plans to launch seven models on the market over the next eight years. The Scénic and R 5 will be the first, with the aim of making electric cars more affordable.

Skoda-Pavillon in der Autostadt Wolfsburg.

cenews – November 13, 2023. New showroom in Wolfsburg spans the arc from the beginnings to future plans, focus on families with interactive elements and special area for children.

ZF-Konzeptfahrzeug mit rein elektromechanischem Bremssystem Brake-by-Wire.

cenews – November 13, 2023. Braking force on each wheel is generated by an electric motor, shorter braking distances, no abrasion or fine dust and no hydraulic system saves production and workshop costs.

KSR-Firmensitz in Gedersdorf, Österreich.

cenews – November 10, 2023. Court approves reorganization proceedings for the Austrian two-wheeler importer and manufacturer. Creditors vote on the next steps at the beginning of December.

Jelena Torres.

cenews – November 9, 2023. Jelena Torres is taking on the new role at Renault's sports car brand in Germany. The 33-year-old has been with the company since 2015 and is currently responsible for small cars.

Mathias Kalkbrenner.

cenews – November 7, 2023. The 37-year-old also has many years of experience in sales and has been with the company for over eight years. He replaces Tobias Stöver, who is moving to Paris.

Die Skoda-Wortmarke wird bei DEB-Heimspielen der A-Nationalmannschaft an der Bande des Spielfelds sowie auf den Trikots und Hosen der Spieler zu sehen sein.

cenews – November 6, 2023. Czech brand extends partnership with the German Ice Hockey Federation, presence at international matches of the national team, 21 vehicles as company cars or VIP shuttles.

ZF-Vorstandsvorsitzender Holger Klein und William Li, Gründer und CEO von Nio.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – November 6, 2023. In this interview, the CEO of the world's third-largest automotive supplier talks about electromobility, technological openness and the Chinese car manufacturers' offensive.

Produktionsstart für den neuen Toyota C-HR.

cenews – November 6, 2023. Second generation of the crossover SUV also available as a plug-in hybrid for the first time, investment of 308 million euros in production and first battery assembly in Europe.

Kumpan Ignite.

cenews – November 3, 2023. Lohia E-mobility GmbH takes over in Remagen. Improved Ignite to be available in summer. Services now available again at the company headquarters.


cenews – November 2, 2023. Operating profit and net income more than doubled in the first half of the fiscal year, nearly 5.6 million vehicles sold, most of them in North America and the home country.

Mahle Entwicklungszentrum für Batterietechnologien in Stuttgart.

cenews – November 2, 2023. Focused on development needs of European customers, from prototypes to small series production, from e-bikes to electric trucks, first projects for OEM already completed.

Sajjad Khan, Porsche-Vorstand für Car-IT.

cenews – November 2, 2023. 50-year-old digital expert joins from Mercedes-Benz, newly created department responsible for connectivity and infotainment, close cooperation with research and development.

Stahl-Rohkarosse eines Porsche.

cenews – October 31, 2023. The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer has signed an agreement with Swedish start-up H2 Green Steel for delivery from 2026.

Die TVS Apache RTR 310 ist das weltweit erste Motorrad unter 400 Kubikzentimeter Hubraum, das die Motorradstabilitätskontrolle mit 6-D-IMU von Bosch bekommt.

cenews – October 31, 2023. Bosch brings its cornering ABS and stability control to the lower mid-range motorcycle class. More safety even when leaning.

Ducati Multistrada V4 Grand Tour.

cenews – October 30, 2023. The Italian brand sold four percent fewer motorcycles worldwide. However, the most important markets are slightly up on the previous year. The Multistrada V4 is the most popular.

Luc Donckerwolke.

cenews – October 30, 2023. The new division will be headed by Group President and CCO Luc Donckerwolke. It comprises two divisions and also includes a new Genesis Design Center.


cenews – October 27, 2023. The Group delivered over 1.4 million vehicles in the first three quarters. The core brand made strong gains in Europe and the USA. Securing raw materials depresses profits.

Werk Zary von Valmet Automotive in Polen.

cenews – October 26, 2023. The area is to be increased by almost half for the expansion of production of electromobility solutions. New customer orders. Commissioning at the end of 2035.

Produktion des Ford Courier im Werk Craiova in Rumänien.

cenews – October 26, 2023. The compact van and high-roof station wagon is coming from Romania in good shape. The relocation from Turkey increases production capacity.

IAA Mobility 2023: Leapmotor C10.

cenews – October 26, 2023. The auto group plans to acquire around 20 percent of the shares in the Chinese manufacturer for 1.5 billion euros. Joint venture planned for international markets.


cenews – October 25, 2023. In the first nine months, the sports car manufacturer delivered over 240,000 cars and generated sales of 30.13 billion euros. Profits rose to 5.5 billion euros.

Leichte Nutzfahrzeuge der Marken Citroën, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot und Vauxhall von Stellantis.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – October 24, 2023. The Group plans to expand its van and van business. Annual sales are expected to double to over three million units by the end of the decade.

Opel CEO Florian Huettl.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – October 23, 2023. For the Opel boss, battery technology is the only way to make zero emissions widely available, which is why he also criticizes the reduction in government subsidies.


cenews – October 21, 2023. Delivery milestone due to falling sales prices and brand's own Supercharger network, more than 13,000 charging stations in Europe, eight more added per day this year.

Verkaufsberater und Kundin im Gespräch über einen Leasingvertrag (Archivbild).
By Guido Reinking

cenews – October 20, 2023. Industry summit at the Institute of Automotive Economics discusses manufacturers' agency model to prevent discount battles, more suitable for premium than volume brands.

Genfer Autosalon 2014.

cenews – October 20, 2023. Group will participate in the Autosalons in Geneva and Paris in the coming year, as well as in all major auto shows in the regions where Renault is present.

Verband der Automobilindustrie.

cenews – October 20, 2023. After three quarters, 17 percent more registrations in Europe, although still well below pre-crisis levels, China already 20 percent above, USA dynamic over the course of the year.

Produktion im Stellantis-Werk Melfi.

cenews – October 20, 2023. The all-electric hatchback planned for 2026 is based on the Stellantis STLA Medium platform, over 700 kilometers of range and short charging times.

Renault Group.

cenews – October 19, 2023. The second strongest brand on the European market. Worldwide, deliveries of the three Group brands increased by 21 percent in the first nine months of the year.

Volta Zero.

cenews – October 18, 2023. The Swedish electric truck manufacturer faces an uncertain future after the bankruptcy of its battery supplier and will file for bankruptcy itself.

Burkard Bovensiepen.

cenews – October 17, 2023. The boss and brand founder of BMW tuner Alpina turned 87 and interfered in germnan federal politics with a double-page ad in 1985.

Porsche Cayenne.

cenews – October 13, 2023. The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer sold over 240,000 cars worldwide in the first nine months. Only China saw a year-on-year decline in sales.

Toyota bZ4X.

cenews – October 12, 2023. Sales of the two Group brands rose by six percent to over 860,000 cars in the first nine months. More than two thirds of these were partially or fully electrified.


cenews – October 11, 2023. Subsidiary of the Frankfurt trade fair wants to emphasize its role as a center of logistics between Africa, the Middle East and Asia in parallel with Automechanika.

cenews – October 11, 2023. The new battery plant is to be built on the site of the first production facility already under construction. Total investment of over 5.5 billion euros.

Wayne Griffiths.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – October 10, 2023. In an interview with Car-Eidtors.Net, CEO Wayne Griffiths comments on the future of VW's two Spanish subsidiaries. New solutions. Project Microcar.

Skoda: Stammwerk Mlada Boleslav.

cenews – October 10, 2023. Czech automaker enters into strategic partnership with Allur Company for the sale and production of vehicles.

BMW i5 M60 x-Drive.

cenews – October 10, 2023. With all of the Group's brands and drive systems, the Munich-based company achieved a 5.8 percent increase in unit sales in the third quarter.

Fahrsimulator „Roads“ im Testzentrum der Renault Group in Guyancourt.

cenews – October 9, 2023. "Roads" is located twelve meters above the ground and has 625 square meters of moving space as well as room for an entire vehicle. Real roads can also be recreated.

Mahle-CEO Arnd Franz.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – October 8, 2023. The young business unit Charge Big offers a solution beyond the wallbox. Costs per charging point are significantly lower. Seven or 22 kilowatts.

Wollen enger kooperieren: Triumph und Akrapovic.

cenews – October 6, 2023. The British motorcycle manufacturer and the Slovenian exhaust specialist are jointly developing exhaust systems for adventure and roadster bikes and are planning special projects.

Alexander Ehrmann.

cenews – October 6, 2023. The 54-year-old has many years of international experience. The industrial engineer takes over the Product Development department and succeeds Jörg Beyer.

Messestand von Malaguti auf der chinesischen Motorradhandelsausstellung Cima Motor in Chongqing.

cenews – October 4, 2023. The Phantom X scooter was adapted to the requirements of the market. Further country-specific models of the insolvent group of companies are to follow.

cenews – October 4, 2023. German Insurance Association: Repair and painting costs rise significantly faster than general consumer prices.

cenews – October 3, 2023. Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (BHTC) is to get better chances for growth with the new owner AUO with businesses in Taiwan, USA and Europe.

Produktion in der Tesla-Fabrik Berlin-Brandenburg in Grünheide.
By Axel F. Busse

cenews – September 29, 2023. The factory in Grünheide is not out of the headlines even after one and a half years. Transparency portal "FragDenStaat" demands insight into documents from the state.

Nissan Concept 20-23.

cenews – September 26, 2023. 16 percent of sales in Europe are already electric vehicles. 19 new BEVs announced by the end of the decade. Solid-state batteries from our own production.

Audi-Werk Ingolstadt.

cenews – September 26, 2023. Last year, over 35,000 megawatt hours of energy and more than 5,000 tons of CO2 were saved in Ingolstadt. Two sites are still to follow.

Alexander Buckan.

cenews – September 22, 2023. Edgar Heinrich retires after more than 35 years at BMW. His successor has already been involved in the design of various models since 2003.

Mittelkonsole von Grammer für den Hiphi X von Human Horizons.

cenews – September 19, 2023. Display holders, phone trays and cupholders with magnets, as well as fold-out tables, create a lounge atmosphere in the HiPhi X premium SUV. Covered in leather.

Dr. Christian Weingärtner, Geschäftsführer Marketing & Verkauf Ford DACH.

cenews – September 19, 2023. The automaker is getting involved in the digitalization trade show in Cologne. 15 Mustang Mach-Es make up the shuttle fleet. Five vehicles are available for test drives.

Feststoffbatterie von Toyota.

cenews – September 14, 2023. Toyota is working on various solutions for the next generation of batteries. From 2026, higher efficiency, faster charging and lower costs.


cenews – September 11, 2023. The factories in Oxford and Swindon are being made fit for the next generation of electric vehicles at a cost of around 700 million euros. No more combustion engines in the new decade.

Dacia sponsert die europäischen Veranstaltungen der UTMB World Series.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – September 8, 2023. The Romanian Renault offshoot changes its sponsorship activities and supports the European UTMB series for endurance runners. Bigger stage for the brand.


cenews – September 7, 2023. The Austrian two-wheeler importer and manufacturer of the Brixton brand is said to have debts of around 120 million euros. Restructuring proceedings without self-administration applied for.

Alan Foster.

cenews – September 6, 2023. Alan Foster becomes COO of the finnish electric motorcycle manufacturer, Haydn Baker takes over CPO duties. Decades of automotive experience.

Jens Meiners, Guido Reinking (von links).

cenews – August 31, 2023. The network of freelance trade journalists wants to expand and become more international - Jens Meiners becomes chief correspondent.

Magnum und sein Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole von Playmobil.

cenews – August 30, 2023. The toy brand revives the detective from the cult series, complete with moustache and Hawaiian shirt, in his 308 GTS Quattrovalvole, faithfully modeled on the originals.

IAA Mobility 2021.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – August 30, 2023. Car premieres, family programs, outdoor concerts and job prospects are just some of the offers to see the IAA Mobility 2023 - and maybe even the last time in Munich.

Erste „Charging Lounge“ von Porsche in Bingen.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – August 30, 2023. In the manufacturer's first "Charging Lounge," the energy flows at six pillars with up to 300 kW. Further stations in Europe on important traffic arteries are to follow.

Mercedes-Benz Schnellladepark.

cenews – August 29, 2023. Charging hubs in Atlanta (USA), Chengdu (China) and Mannheim (Germany) starting in October, up to 400 kW charging capacity, open to all brands, long-term target over 10,000 charging points by 2030.

Audi Q6 e-Tron Prototyp.

cenews – August 28, 2023. At the IAA Mobility, the Ingolstadt-based company is only unveiling the cockpit and interior of its first electric model on the new Premium Platform Electric, camouflaged prototype on the trade show grounds.

ZF-Stand "X-by-Wire" auf der IAA Mobility 2023.

cenews – August 25, 2023. Technology group puts portfolio of electronically controlled steering systems, brakes or dampers at center stage of trade show presentation, ultra-compact 800-volt electric drive.

Techniker im JLR-Werk in Solihull.

cenews – August 24, 2023. Jaguar Land Rover creates new jobs at its Solihull, Gaydon and Whitley sites in England, £200 million for automated body production.

Assistiertes Fahren.

cenews – August 23, 2023. Confidence in driverless technology down, doubts about reliability and fear of hackers, enormous potential for society, security and business location according to experts.

ZF-CEO Holger Klein.

cenews – August 22, 2023. Lighter, smaller e-motors, solutions for trucks: The development service provider is making a leap forward.

Opel Olympia Rekord Caravan (ab 1953).

cenews – August 20, 2023. World premiere 70 years ago: At the 1953 IAA, the first large-series station wagon from a German manufacturer was born with the presentation of the Opel Olympia Rekord Caravan.

Kia EV9.

cenews – August 18, 2023. Double success for Korean manufacturer at "Red Dot Award 2023" for "Opposites United" design philosophy and infotainment system in new EV9 electric SUV.

Im Videospiel Forza Horizon 5 sind nun auch der Cupra Formentor VZ5 und Tavascan Concept verfügbar.

cenews – August 17, 2023. Formentor and Tavascan Concept add to the digital fleet of the popular Xbox video racing game, four Cupra models now to choose from, exclusive racing suit for avatar.


cenews – August 17, 2023. Over $100 million for Controlled-Thermal-Resources project, including to make Stellantis streamers eligible for U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding.

Toyota Mirai, im Einsatz für H2Moves in Berlin.

cenews – August 17, 2023. Two-year pilot project "H2 Moves Berlin" with Toyota Mirai draws interim balance, nationwide largest hydrogen fleet in commercial passenger transport.

Die My-Porsche-App steuert Komfort- und Entertainmentfunktionen direkt in Apple Carplay.
By Guido Reinking, cen

cenews – July 28, 2023. The sports car manufacturer sees the corresponding customer demand. Deeper integration of Carplay into the vehicle infotainment comes with the new Cayenne.