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cenews – July 10, 2024. Around 200,000 fewer vehicles than in 2023 were delivered in the first half of the year 3.6 percent more new registrations in Germany. Weak second quarter in China.

Porsche Cayenne.

cenews – July 9, 2024. Porsche renews five of its six model series and sells seven percent fewer cars. Domestic market with significant growth, tense situation in China.

Honda Prelude Concept.

cenews – July 8, 2024. For five generations up to 2001, the Coupé was the Japanese company's technology leader, a concept car with hybrid drive at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and a pioneer for future models.

Archer Midnight.

cenews – July 2, 2024. Following successful test flights, the automotive group increases its stake in Archer Aviation by a further 50 percent. The factory should be ready by the end of the year.

Elektroauto an einer Ladesäule von Eon.

cenews – July 2, 2024. The energy supplier has built up a supply network of over 500,000 charging points in 14 European countries. Only green electricity is supplied.


cenews – July 2, 2024. Renault plans to launch the first models with lithium iron phosphate batteries in 2026. The technology is intended to make European cars cheaper and more competitive.


cenews – June 26, 2024. Due to construction work in Germany and France, three connections will be canceled for the period from August 12 to October 25. The Vienna - Brussels route is not affected.

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 8x8 für die kanadische Armee.

cenews – June 23, 2024. The 4x4 and 8x8 vehicles are intended for the renewal of the logistics fleet. The armored driver's cab is now also available ex works in Wörth.

VW-Marketingkampagne mit den Minions zum Start des Kinofilms „Ich – Einfach Unverbesserlich 4“.

cenews – June 13, 2024. Global marketing cooperation for the launch of the new Illumination movie "Ich - Einfach Unverbesserlich 4", in Germany the "GOAL" special models take center stage.

Porsche Heritage und Museum schickt Motorsport-Fahrzeuge aus sechs Jahrzehnten zum „Solitude Revival“.

cenews – June 12, 2024. Showcase of historic racing cars at the "Solitude Revival", Porsche with seven sports cars from six decades, Walter Röhrl drives his 911 GT3 Rallye - with E-Fuel.

MG 4 vor der Verschiffung.

cenews – June 12, 2024. Imports benefited from "unfair subsidies", BYD, Geely and SAIC affected by different percentages, maximum rate 38.1 percent, final decision by July 4.

Peugeot-Studie Inception Concept x 3Paradis.

cenews – June 12, 2024. Official automobile partner of Fashion Week for the first time, 30 shuttle vehicles for invited guests, collaboration with designer Emeric Tchatchoua continues.


cenews – June 11, 2024. The brand from Milwaukee wants to bring itself closer to motorsport fans. Own racing tradition. On the road in Germany with four motorcycles on the long distance.

Peter Schwerdtmann.
By Peter Schwerdtmann

cenews – June 11, 2024. The Wolfsburg-based company is not the first to admit that it has kept the combustion engine on the back burner.


cenews – June 11, 2024. By 2028, 60 billion euros will be invested in new combustion engines and 120 billion euros in electromobility - is Wolfsburg starting to rethink?

Aus der Opel-Hauptverwaltung wird bei Stellantis nun ein „grEEn-campus“.

cenews – June 10, 2024. New Group headquarters to help achieve net-zero CO2 emissions target by 2038. Attractive working environment with landscaped park and open office space planned.

Iveco e-Daily.

cenews – June 5, 2024. The focus of the potential collaboration is an electric panel van for Europe and South America below the Daily. Supply contract with Hyundai for a chassis.

Peugeot Metropolis SW.

cenews – June 4, 2024. According to the scooter company, a Milan court has now confirmed the patent infringement after years of dispute. A fine of over one million euros.

Feiern mit einem Lancia Ypsilon die Lieferung von rund 30.000 Fahrzeugen in fünf Monaten: Stellantis-COO Uwe Hochgeschurtz und Konstantin Sixt, Co-CEO des Autovermieters.

cenews – June 4, 2024. Sixt has secured the option for up to 250,000 of the Group's vehicles for its rental fleet as part of a billion-euro deal. Over 50 different models.

Simulationszentrum von Skoda am Stammsitz in Mladá Boleslav.

cenews – June 1, 2024. Up to 850 tests on drive and thermal management systems per year are possible. Up to 95 percent humidity and 5500 meters of altitude can be displayed.


cenews – May 30, 2024. At yesterday's Annual General Meeting, shareholders approved a dividend of nine euros for the past financial year. That is 30 cents more than in 2022.

Im dreistündigen Super Taikyu Race 2021 in Japan startete ein Mazda Demio mit zu 100 Prozent aus Biomasse gewonnenen Dieselkraftstoff.

cenews – May 28, 2024. Mazda, Toyota and Subaru want to focus their drive systems on electrification and climate-neutral fuels. Compact design with specific refinements for each brand.

Starter- und Bordnetzbatterien von Banner.

cenews – May 28, 2024. The financial year ended at the end of March. The Austrian battery manufacturer continues to see small, sustained growth in the 12-volt vehicle electrical system and lead-acid technology.

Die Lieferwagen der vier Nutzfahrzeugmarken von Stellantis.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – May 28, 2024. Light commercial vehicles are on the rise at the multinational multi-brand group and already account for more than a third of net sales, making them number one by 2027.

Alfa Romeo Junior.

cenews – May 27, 2024. Italians open the configurator for the entry-level versions, fully electric version costs 10,000 euros more, standard sprint in just under nine seconds, good standard equipment.

Andreas Mayer, Fiat Deutschland-Chef.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – May 27, 2024. Five variants of the new edition are planned worldwide, the Fiat 500 is discontinued, only a few new cars are still on sale, but sales of the electric version are picking up again.

Toyota MR2 in der Toyota Collection.

cenews – May 25, 2024. The Toyota Collection celebrates 40 years of the MR2, which became Japan's best-selling mid-engined sports car in three generations, with a public opening and free admission.

Ducati Scrambler Konzept-Bike CR24I.

cenews – May 25, 2024. Centro Stile Ducati presents two remarkable concept bikes at the "Bike Shed MotoShow" in London; the project is intended to demonstrate the versatility of the technical basis.

Alfa-Romeo-Kollektion „Performance“.

cenews – May 24, 2024. The brand sets up an online store for merchandising articles. Three different collections. From key rings to T-shirts and trench coats.

Nissan Qashqai-Produktion in Sunderland.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – May 24, 2024. Start of production of the next generation of the crossover in Sunderland, UK. The plant is also part of the global "EV36 Zero" project for completely emission-free vehicles.

Neuer Lancia-Designchef Gianni Colonello.

cenews – May 24, 2024. Gianni Colonello was previously responsible for the interior of the new Lancia Ypsilon, among other things, as Head of Interior Design, having previously held the same position at Maserati for nine years.

Luca Parasacco.

cenews – May 22, 2024. Luca Parasacco has been with the Group since 1997 and is regarded as a dealer and sales expert. He will succeed Luca Delfino, who has been COO since January.

Nissan setzt bei Fahrzeugteilen auf CO2-ärmeres Aluminium.

cenews – May 20, 2024. carbon dioxide emissions in production can be significantly reduced. The proportion is to be increased to 20 percent in this financial year. Complete conversion planned by 2030.

Ladeinfrastruktur: Vinfast kooperiert mit Bosch.

cenews – May 15, 2024. The Vietnamese car manufacturer has already been cooperating with the Stuttgart-based group in North America for two years. Now the cooperation is being extended to Europe.

Mahle hat sein Erstausrüstungsgeschäft mit Thermostaten an Admetos verkauft.

cenews – May 15, 2024. The original equipment business with thermostats is taken over by the industrial and investment holding company Admetos. The corporate strategy sets new priorities.

Leapmotor C10.

cenews – May 14, 2024. The Chinese manufacturer has founded its international company in Amsterdam, in which Stellantis holds a 51 percent stake. Two models announced initially.

Batteriediagnoselösung E‑Health Charge von Mahle.

cenews – May 14, 2024. Mahle Aftermarket is now launching its E-Health Charge testing system for high-voltage batteries in electric cars across Europe. It is the fastest device on the market and easy to use.

Stefan Richmann.

cenews – May 13, 2024. Stefan Richmann succeeds Stefanie Wurst. With the company since 1997. Management positions also in Spain and the USA. Currently responsible for corporate strategy.


cenews – May 13, 2024. The Group increased its market share in Europe by 0.5 percentage points in the first four months. New registrations in Germany increased by over a fifth.


cenews – May 8, 2024. EBIT fell to 4.05 billion euros. Unit sales increased slightly to 595,000 cars in the first quarter, while turnover remained almost at the same level as in the same period last year.

Elektro-Lkw zur Auslieferung von Neufahrzeugen aus dem Porsche-Werk Zuffenhausen in die Schweiz.

cenews – May 4, 2024. Six new trucks with electric drive. A battery-powered car transporter also delivers new vehicles from the main plant to Switzerland. Re-fuels being tested.

Volkswagen-Kampagne „YourWagen“.

cenews – May 3, 2024. Volkswagen is launching a new global marketing campaign in the UK tomorrow. The campaign focuses on true stories of people and their VW.

Stammsitz von Seat und Cupra im spanischen Martorell.

cenews – May 2, 2024. Never before has such a high profit been generated in a first quarter. Cupra sells 10,000 more cars than in the same period last year. The core brand grows by 4.3 percent.

Endkontrolle eines Skoda Octavia im tschechischen Werk Mladá Boleslav.

cenews – May 2, 2024. Global vehicle sales rose by 5.2 percent in the first quarter. Profits were slightly down on the previous year. The Octavia remains the bestseller.


cenews – April 30, 2024. The markets developed unevenly in the first quarter. Sales "slightly" below previous year. The operating result fell by 20 percent to 4.6 billion euros.

Lancia Aurelia B20 GT und Lancia Ypsilon.

cenews – April 27, 2024. 70 years ago, a DS24 Spider won what was then the toughest road race in the world; this year's rally will be contested by an Aurelia B20 from 1951, accompanied by the new Ypsilon.

Lutz Meschke, Mitglied des Vorstandes, Finanzen und IT (li.) und Oliver Blume, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Porsche AG.

cenews – April 27, 2024. Quarterly balance sheet negative in all areas, new model launches and high development costs dampen Group result, annual forecast for return and turnover remain unchanged.

Modell der Asahi Kasei-Fabrik für die Herstellung von Separatoren für Lithiumionen-Batterien.

cenews – April 25, 2024. Asahi Kasei wants to serve the North American market for lithium-ion batteries and help Honda achieve its electromobility goals.

Verband der Automobilindustrie.

cenews – April 25, 2024. International passenger car markets mostly up after the first quarter of 2024 - Europe and USA still below pre-crisis level -- Japanese market comes under pressure

Erneuerung der Starterboxen in Oschersleben.

cenews – April 24, 2024. Next weekend, the 2024 DTM will kick off the season in the Magdeburger Börde, with several thousand people expected and most of the preparations being carried out in-house.

Volkswagen ID Code.

cenews – April 24, 2024. With the ID Code study, the brand is showing at the motor show in Beijing how it intends to win back the world's largest car market, specially developed for Chinese customers.

Autoproduktion bei BYD.
By Guido Reinking, cen

cenews – April 24, 2024. Chinese car manufacturer wants to become number one in the car world, 150,000 cars from 2025 in the new plant in Hungary, design and development center in Germany possible.


cenews – April 23, 2024. Demand has collapsed, no more new cars and fewer and fewer CNG filling stations, new tanks no longer available in some cases, yet the CO2 balance is similar to that of electric cars.

Am Mahle-Standort Gurgaon in Indien sorgt ein solarthermisches Heizungssystem für warmes Wasser.

cenews – April 23, 2024. Automotive supplier presents sustainability report, 43 percent less CO2, greater use of renewable electricity, climate-neutral by 2040, accident frequency in plants reduced.

Jozef Kabaň.

cenews – April 23, 2024. The Slovakian previously held senior positions at Audi, Skoda, BMW, Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen, while Chinese parent company SAIC is planning 30 new electric models.

Infografik: Nachhaltiger „Curiosity Fuel“-Kaffee für tschechische Skoda-Werke.

cenews – April 22, 2024. Curiosity Fuel" beans are grown especially for the manufacturer in India and Tanzania, and the shells are used to tan leather seats, with a total consumption of 25 tons.

Geofencing-Technologie warnt vor Einfahrt in Umweltzone.

cenews – April 22, 2024. Geofencing technology automatically switches off the combustion engine in the plug-in hybrid drive, for all models with the DS Iris multimedia system and Connect Plus package.

Bau einer Pilotanlage für Feststoffbatterien im Nissan-Werk Yokohama.

cenews – April 22, 2024. By 2028, the Japanese manufacturer wants to bring electric cars with next-generation high-voltage batteries into series production, with double the energy density, shorter charging times and lower costs.

Kreiskolbenmotor-Sonderschau im Mazda Classic – Automobil Museum Frey in Augsburg.

cenews – April 21, 2024. Special exhibition at the "Mazda Classic - Automobil Museum Frey" in Augsburg, almost all Mazda models with rotary piston engines united, Cosmo Sport 110 S laid the foundation for the collection.

MG4 auf dem Prüfstand im ADAC Technik Zentrum in Landsberg.

cenews – April 21, 2024. ADAC tests 13 models available on the German market at the Landsberg technical center, crash and swerve tests without defects, operation and assistance systems could be improved.


cenews – April 19, 2024. An increase of ten percent to just under 320,000 vehicles in the first quarter, market share rises to 7.3 percent, electric cars on the upswing, commercial vehicles and Lexus with leaps in sales.

Bosch-Geschäftsführer Stefan Hartung.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – April 18, 2024. Stuttgart-based automotive supplier remains number one worldwide, 91.6 billion euros turnover, focus on combustion engines, fuel cells and battery-electric drives.

Alfa Romeo Junior, ehemals Milano, erlebt seine Publikumspremiere auf der Mailänder Designwoche.

cenews – April 17, 2024. Public premiere of the renamed Milano at the Milan Design Week in the boutique of the Larusmiani fashion brand, name change following criticism from an Italian minister.

Mobiles Batteriespeichersystem BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) von JLR.

cenews – April 17, 2024. The British company has developed a mobile energy storage system that uses discarded plug-in hybrid batteries to charge nine Range Rover PHEVs simultaneously with up to 270 kWh.

Jeep-Chef Antonio Filosa.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – April 17, 2024. The SUV brand plans to offer only fully electric models by 2030, but is reserving the right to pursue different strategies for global e-car sales.

Lexus-Installation „8 Minutes and 20 Seconds“ auf der Milan Design Week 2024.

cenews – April 15, 2024. Installations on technologies and designs are intended to provide an insight into the vision of Toyota's luxury brand, inspired by the Lexus LF-ZC, until April 21 at Milan's Superstudio Più.

IAA Transportation.

cenews – April 15, 2024. Several price categories for different needs and interests of visitors, family festival at the weekend with special attractions and activities.

Fußballprofi und FC Barcelona-Torhüter Marc ter Stegen als Markenbotschafter mit dem Cupra Tavascan.

cenews – April 12, 2024. German FC Barcelona goalkeeper has been a "Cupra Tribe Member" since 2020 and will accompany the launch of four new electrified models in the coming months.

Peugeot E-3008.

cenews – April 12, 2024. Electric crossover with fastback silhouette impresses international jury of 39 experts in the "Product Design" category; its predecessor already won the coveted design prize.

Darstellung der elektrischen Pick-up-Ladeklappe von Brose.

cenews – April 11, 2024. The family-owned company Brose from Coburg has further developed the comfort feature known from passenger car construction for a new vehicle segment. Great market potential, especially in America.

Florian Laudan.

cenews – April 11, 2024. The 51-year-old will succeed Christoph Horn, who is leaving the company at his own request after nine years. Head of the Commercial Vehicles Solutions division.


cenews – April 11, 2024. The global markets developed differently. Upcoming model changes are also influencing sales. The Cayenne remains the most popular model.


cenews – April 10, 2024. The quarterly result is primarily influenced by the decline in sales in Asia. The increase in demand for vans compensated somewhat for the decline in passenger cars.

Ducati vertraut bei seinen Motorölen auf Shell.

cenews – April 5, 2024. The mineral oil company will remain the original equipment manufacturer for a further three years and will also supply the dealer network with two special engine oils. The two companies have been working together since 1999.

Carlos Tavares auf der CES 2022.

cenews – April 2, 2024. The Portuguese led PSA out of the crisis and then went on a shopping spree. Under his leadership, the 14-brand Stellantis group was ultimately created.

Porsche Taycan.

cenews – March 27, 2024. The sports car manufacturer secures the expertise of Applied Intuition from Silicon Valley. Faster development and implementation.

Omoda 5 EV.

cenews – March 27, 2024. The Chinese car manufacturer is growing rapidly. Type approvals have been granted for the first two models in Germany. Adaptation to European requirements.

Cupra-Chef Wayne Griffiths mit dem Raval.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – March 22, 2024. The success is not only due to the Cupra sports brand. The company is returning to profit. A series of new products announced.


cenews – March 21, 2024. Last year, the brand delivered 10,112 sports cars and achieved a record profit of over 720 million euros. The margin was a record-breaking 27.2 percent.

VWN-Markenchef Carsten Intra auf der Jahrespressekonferenz 2024.

cenews – March 21, 2024. Volkswagen's commercial vehicle division sold around a quarter more cars last year and increased its operating result to 873 million euros.

Peter Holdmann.

cenews – March 20, 2024. Dr. Peter Holdmann takes over the management of the Chassis Solutions division and the quality department. Voirgänger will leave the company in the course of the year.

Stellantis-Konzernchef Carlos Tavares (rechts) im Gespräch mit Adam Goldstein, CEO von Archer.

cenews – March 20, 2024. The automotive group has acquired 8.3 million shares in the Californian company and is the exclusive production partner for the electric city airplanes.

Selbstfahrender Prototyp eines VW ID Buzz.

cenews – March 20, 2024. Joint development of level 2 to 4 automated driving functions for the Cariad software architectures. Initially for the premium brands and commercial vehicles.

Ducati Desert X Rally.

cenews – March 19, 2024. Although sales and turnover fell short of the record year 2022, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer's profit was higher than ever before. Seven new models.

Wolfgang Speck.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – March 16, 2024. Knaus Tabbert is one of the big three in the caravanning industry. Managing Director Wolfgang Speck may be reviving an old brand.

Skoda Epiq.

cenews – March 15, 2024. At its annual press conference, the company presented the study of a 4.10 meter long SUV, which will be available next year from 25,000 euros.

VW-Markenchef Thomas Schäfer bei der Bilanzpressekonferenz 2024.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – March 14, 2024. Wolfsburg is pressing ahead with electric cars in particular. However, an entry-level model for around 20,000 euros is not in sight until 2027, while the ID 2 is expected to cost around 25,000 euros.

Magirus Drehleiter.

cenews – March 14, 2024. The Munich-based company Mutares, which already has a stake in Peugeot Motocycles, takes over the manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and fire protection technology. 2023 with losses.

By Guido Reinking

cenews – March 13, 2024. Sales of electric cars rose by 35 percent last year. Nevertheless, the Wolfsburg-based company is also investing in combustion engines.


cenews – March 12, 2024. The increase in sales was also over 7.5 percent. The sports car manufacturer delivered over 320,000 vehicles last year, more than 10,000 more than in 2022.

Wrightbus Kite Hydroliner.

cenews – March 11, 2024. The Northern Irish company has already signed contracts with four transport companies. Up to 150 Kite Hydroliners. Saarbahn is putting five more into operation this year.

Ego E-Wave X.

cenews – March 9, 2024. Electric start-ups continue to have a hard time: the Aachen-based manufacturer is insolvent for the second time in four years. Going concern sought.

Alfa Romeo.

cenews – March 8, 2024. Next year will see the launch of the Stelvio on a platform with 800-volt architecture, followed by the Giulia in 2026. The vehicles will also be equipped with a new software system.

Batterie des Toyota C-HR PHEV.

cenews – March 8, 2024. The automotive group intends to take over the joint venture Primearth EV Energy, which it operates together with Panasonic, in full in the near future and thus enter into high-voltage production.

Stellantis investiert in Südamerika in Bio-Hybridtechnik und Elektromobilität.

cenews – March 7, 2024. 5.6 billion euros will flow into hybrid technology with biofuel and electromobility as well as over 40 new products by 2030. Market leader in three countries in the region.

Brennstoffzellen-Produktion von Honda und General Motors im US-Bundesstaat Michigan.

cenews – March 5, 2024. In the US state of Michigan, the Fuel Cell System Manufacturing joint venture operates a production facility measuring around 6500 square meters. Significant cost reduction.

By Frank Wald

cenews – March 4, 2024. First fully electric sports car will be a four-door GT with 800-volt technology, Range Rover electric in the starting blocks, "Reimagination" strategy bears first fruits.

Cupra sponsort 2024 bundesweite Padel-Turnierserie.

cenews – March 1, 2024. Expansion of cooperation with the German Tennis Federation, "Cupra German Padel Tour" starts in March, more than 40 events, final in Dortmund in September.

Jaguar Land Rover-Werk in Wolverhampton.

cenews – March 1, 2024. British premium manufacturer plans to cover more than a quarter of its electricity requirements in the UK with renewable energy, with a peak output of 120 megawatts planned.

Maria Schiewald.

cenews – February 29, 2024. The 28-year-old succeeds Cristiano Colaiacomo, who has moved to Opel. She has been with the company for ten years and is a qualified car saleswoman.