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Nissan relies on CO2-reduced aluminum

Nissan wants to increase the proportion of so-called "green" or recycled aluminum in vehicle construction in the current financial year. A complete switch to low-CO2 aluminum parts is to take place by 2030. Aluminum accounts for around ten percent of vehicle weight. Green aluminum is produced with electricity that is not obtained from fossil fuels. This reduces CO2 emissions during production by around half a percent. With recycled aluminum, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by around 95 percent.

From the 2027 financial year, CO2-reduced aluminum will be used for all new models. For current models, Nissan will begin purchasing wheels, chassis parts, axle parts and wiring harnesses - made from green aluminum in Japan, the United States and Europe - in the fiscal year ending March 2025.

By the end of the financial year, around 20 percent of the newly sourced aluminum that Nissan uses for car parts procured in these markets will be replaced by green or recycled material. For vehicle parts manufactured in Japan, Nissan has already purchased more climate-friendly aluminum sheets from Kobe Steel and the UACJ Corporation. (aum)

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