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Unter dem Slogan „e-Fuels for Future“ haben Uniti, ADAC und ZDK mit einem VW Golf einen Praxistest zum Fahren mit CO2-neutralen synthetischen Kraftstoffen gestartet.
By Carl Biber

cenews – November 11, 2023. Current forecast by Transport & Environment claims superiority for the electric car after an unfair comparison with e-fuel combustion engines.

cenews – November 8, 2023. Scandinavia once again: together with the German "P1 Fuels", drivers of vehicles with petrol engines will be able to buy fossil-free fuel at filling stations from 2024.

Opel CEO Florian Huettl.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – October 23, 2023. For the Opel boss, battery technology is the only way to make zero emissions widely available, which is why he also criticizes the reduction in government subsidies.

Kollaps mit neuem Verkehrskonzept bei Großveranstaltungen: Weihnachtsmarkt in Hannover.

cenews – September 25, 2023. By 2035, the capital of Lower Saxony is to achieve more mobility with less traffic thanks to a new traffic concept.


cenews – August 17, 2023. Over $100 million for Controlled-Thermal-Resources project, including to make Stellantis streamers eligible for U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding.

Toyota Mirai, im Einsatz für H2Moves in Berlin.

cenews – August 17, 2023. Two-year pilot project "H2 Moves Berlin" with Toyota Mirai draws interim balance, nationwide largest hydrogen fleet in commercial passenger transport.


cenews – August 15, 2023. German Economist Hans-Werner Sinn: If Germany doesn't buy oil, others will, preferably China. 2023 brings new record demand for oil.

Comeback der Benziner: Forsa-Autostudie 2023 im Auftrag der Targobank.

cenews – August 3, 2023. Popularity increases significantly, diesel continues to decline, environmentally friendly image of e-cars crumbles, e-fuels become more popular, majority for speed limit and free public transport.

By Jens Meiners, cen

cenews – August 3, 2023. Many car manufacturers are up in arms against the EU's current plans. The engine expert explainswhy he nevertheless considers the planned emissions standard to be sensible.