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Apollo Tyres launches new Vredestein Ultrac Pro

With the Vredestein Ultrac Pro, Apollo Tyres is launching a new ultra-ultra-high-performance summer tire this month. The ten percent weight reduction results in a lower rotational mass, which improves steering behavior, acceleration and braking performance.

The research and development team at Apollo Tyres in the Netherlands has focused on minimizing the amount of material required for the structure and tread of the UUHP tire, which is also good for the environment. This has been achieved by introducing a novel bead configuration that allows for a single-ply construction instead of the dual-ply format. The new design results in a drastic reduction in the materials required and the lower weight. According to the manufacturer, the reduction in mass, the newly developed rubber compounds and the optimized construction make the Ultrac Pro one of the most fuel-efficient tires in its category.

The Ultrac Pro is offered in various sizes from 18 to 24 inches for a wide range of sports cars, super sports cars as well as high-performance sedans, coupes and SUVs. (aum/av)

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