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Jody Scheckter's racing cars go under the hammer

An auction of valuable cars in Monaco - whether coveted racing cars or rare luxury limousines - has been a tradition at RM Sotheby's auction house every 24 months for 14 years. Only in 2020 did the pandemic put a spanner in the works. Now a new custom seems to be taking root, namely offering parts from the car collections of well-known Formula 1 world champions under the hammer. While two years ago it was Nigel Mansel, 1992 champion, who was able to enjoy almost eight million euros in additional pocket money, this time South African-born Jody Scheckter, 1979 world champion and now an organic farmer in the south of England, is contributing twelve cars from his collection. The deal could earn him up to twelve million euros.

Together, around 75 cars with a total estimated value of 45 million euros will be competing on May 10 and 11 in the search for a new owner, with the offerings ranging from a competitive racing car to a series of stately Rolls-Royce and other models to a Citroen 2 CV "Sahara" in excellent condition. This outsider was famously equipped with two 425 cc engines, developed an output of just 27 hp and was nevertheless able to cope with almost any terrain, no matter how rough. Citroën only built 693 of them. Perhaps this is why Sotheby's wants to collect at least a six-figure sum for the duck. (aum)

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