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World record: 2573 kilometers with one battery charge

Students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed the world's longest-range electric car. The team drove over 2573 kilometers on one battery charge for six days at the IAA Mobility, which ends today. For the Guinness World Record, the "TUfast Eco Team" modified their Muc022, with which the students have already participated in other international competitions. A larger battery with 15.5 kilowatt hours was installed.

Munich Airport provided an empty hangar for the record drive, which made the team independent of the weather. The previous record was 1608.54 kilometers. The Munich team had covered this distance after four days. In the end, after 99 hours of driving, the tachometer showed 2573.79 kilometers, resulting in a consumption of 0.6 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers for the Muc022. The streamlined single-seater electric vehicle has a motor output of 400 watts, a cd value of 0.159 and weighs 170 kilograms. (aum)

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Photo: Autoren-Union Mobilität/TU München