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SBB back in the black

For the first time since 2019, SBB was back in the black last year. As the company announced today, an average of 1.32 million passengers were transported every day. That is a record. In 2022, the figure was 1.16 million passengers. More train passengers means more revenue. In long-distance transport, this led to a positive annual result after losses in the previous year. Together with the income from SBB Real Estate and the energy division, this resulted in a profit of 267 million Swiss francs (just under 279 million euros) after the previous year's loss, with freight transport remaining in the red despite an improved result.

This is pleasing, but is not enough to significantly reduce past debts of CHF 11.26 billion, the Swiss Federal Railways announced. For a healthy basis, the company would need around CHF 500 million annually. By the end of the decade, an initial CHF 6 billion is to be saved. Corresponding cost and efficiency measures have been initiated. SBB also expects three major digitalization programmes to get rail operations back on track. In addition, the federal government wants to make a major contribution to compensate for the losses in long-distance transport during the coronavirus pandemic. (aum)

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Swiss Federal Railways train at Immensee station.

Swiss Federal Railways train at Immensee station.

Photo: Autoren-Union Mobilität/SBB