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Tesla Cybertruck.

cenews – April 19, 2024. Sticking accelerator pedal of the electric pick-up calls the American road safety authority NHTSA into action. Delivery of new models already stopped beforehand.

Dacia Duster.

cenews – April 19, 2024. The new Dacia Duster will be on show, as well as the Mitsubishi ASX and Opel Grandland, Kia's entry-level electric model EV3 and Nissan's light commercial vehicles.


cenews – April 19, 2024. An increase of ten percent to just under 320,000 vehicles in the first quarter, market share rises to 7.3 percent, electric cars on the upswing, commercial vehicles and Lexus with leaps in sales.

Hobby Maxia Van 680 DT.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – April 18, 2024. The new variant based on the VW Crafter is largely fully equipped and has a superior engine. For the market launch, the camper is 20,000 euros cheaper until the end of May.

Bosch-Geschäftsführer Stefan Hartung.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – April 18, 2024. Stuttgart-based automotive supplier remains number one worldwide, 91.6 billion euros turnover, focus on combustion engines, fuel cells and battery-electric drives.

Mazda CX-80.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – April 18, 2024. Mazda comes with a premium product, but not at a premium price. The CX-80 has spectacular drives and a homely interior.

Citroën C3 Aircross.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – April 18, 2024. The new compact SUV comes as a seven-seater with a significantly larger body. In addition to fully electric versions, there will also be a hybrid variant and combustion versions.

Genesis X Speedium Giro beim Car Design Event.
By Jens Meiners

cenews – April 17, 2024. At a design event, the Korean luxury brand presents a further and independent variant of the X family, with a holding device on the rear spoiler, but the chances of series production are uncertain.

Alfa Romeo Junior, ehemals Milano, erlebt seine Publikumspremiere auf der Mailänder Designwoche.

cenews – April 17, 2024. Public premiere of the renamed Milano at the Milan Design Week in the boutique of the Larusmiani fashion brand, name change following criticism from an Italian minister.

Nissan Qashqai.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – April 17, 2024. Above all, the front is much more striking, the interior is more premium, including a digital cockpit with 3D perspective and transparent hood as well as integrated Google services.

Mobiles Batteriespeichersystem BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) von JLR.

cenews – April 17, 2024. The British company has developed a mobile energy storage system that uses discarded plug-in hybrid batteries to charge nine Range Rover PHEVs simultaneously with up to 270 kWh.

Jeep-Chef Antonio Filosa.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – April 17, 2024. The SUV brand plans to offer only fully electric models by 2030, but is reserving the right to pursue different strategies for global e-car sales.

Won Kyu Kang enthüllt den Kia EV5 beim Car Design Event.
By Jens Meiners

cenews – April 16, 2024. The new crossover SUV looks like a little brother of the EV9 and could be launched on the market later this year in two performance levels and battery sizes.

Alfa-Romeo-Chef Jean-Philippe Imparato bei der Premiere des Alfa Romeo Milano in Mailand.

cenews – April 16, 2024. Due to nationalistic criticism of the Polish production site of the new compact SUV by an Italian minister, Alfa Romeo surprisingly changes the name.

Lancia Ypsilon, Sonderedition „Cassina“.

cenews – April 15, 2024. Lancia Ypsilon special model Cassina is part of an exhibition at the Milan Design Week, Stromer of the resurrected luxury brand is shown in the historic district of Brera.

Lexus-Installation „8 Minutes and 20 Seconds“ auf der Milan Design Week 2024.

cenews – April 15, 2024. Installations on technologies and designs are intended to provide an insight into the vision of Toyota's luxury brand, inspired by the Lexus LF-ZC, until April 21 at Milan's Superstudio Più.


cenews – April 15, 2024. EnBW gives tips on how to use the Stromer correctly when washing the car, be careful when using high-pressure cleaners, follow the instructions of the system operator.

Dongfeng M-Hero 1.
By Dirk Kunde

cenews – April 15, 2024. In Germany, we would call it a monster. However, as the M-Hero 1 comes from China, perhaps dragon is a better term: a 1000 hp off-road vehicle with four electric motors.

IAA Transportation.

cenews – April 15, 2024. Several price categories for different needs and interests of visitors, family festival at the weekend with special attractions and activities.

Mercedes-Benz EQS 580, Modelljahr 2024.

cenews – April 14, 2024. Thanks to a larger battery, the revised electric flagship should now be able to travel more than 800 kilometers without stopping to charge in the best-case scenario, while base prices remain unchanged.

Lamborghini Huracán STJ.

cenews – April 14, 2024. The car manufacturer from Sant'Agata is saying goodbye to its V10 super sports car with a strictly limited special model including an exclusive dynamic package, successor with hybrid drive.

Produktionshalle von Reisemobilhersteller La Strada in Echzell.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – April 13, 2024. Hessian motorhome manufacturer converts its entire electricity consumption to green electricity, roof-mounted solar system also feeds four charging points, running costs reduced despite higher prices.

Fußballprofi und FC Barcelona-Torhüter Marc ter Stegen als Markenbotschafter mit dem Cupra Tavascan.

cenews – April 12, 2024. German FC Barcelona goalkeeper has been a "Cupra Tribe Member" since 2020 and will accompany the launch of four new electrified models in the coming months.

Produktionsstart für den neuen VW Golf in Wolfsburg.

cenews – April 12, 2024. Almost exactly 50 years to the day after the first series-produced Golf rolled off the production line at the main plant, no other vehicle factory in the world has produced more cars to date.

Premiere-Event des Alfa Romeo Milano in Mailand.
By Hans-Robert Richarz

cenews – April 12, 2024. The former icon of Italian automotive engineering wants to return to its former glory with the purely electrically powered SUV, also available as a combustion hybrid.

Thermomanagement-Modul von Mahle.

cenews – April 12, 2024. Largest single order in the company's history comes from "established vehicle manufacturer", total volume of both projects just under 1.5 billion euros.

Peugeot E-3008.

cenews – April 12, 2024. Electric crossover with fastback silhouette impresses international jury of 39 experts in the "Product Design" category; its predecessor already won the coveted design prize.

Darstellung der elektrischen Pick-up-Ladeklappe von Brose.

cenews – April 11, 2024. The family-owned company Brose from Coburg has further developed the comfort feature known from passenger car construction for a new vehicle segment. Great market potential, especially in America.

Florian Laudan.

cenews – April 11, 2024. The 51-year-old will succeed Christoph Horn, who is leaving the company at his own request after nine years. Head of the Commercial Vehicles Solutions division.


cenews – April 11, 2024. The global markets developed differently. Upcoming model changes are also influencing sales. The Cayenne remains the most popular model.

Toyota C-HR im Euro-NCAP-Crashtest.

cenews – April 11, 2024. Euro NCAP tested three cars. One did not quite reach the top score with the basic equipment, but only with the optional safety package.

Subaru-Sondermodelle Outback „Edition Platinum Cross“ sowie Forester „Edition Exclusive Cross“ und „Edition Black Platinum“ (von links).

cenews – April 10, 2024. Two special models of the Forester set different accents. The Outback is available as the "Edition Platinum Cross" in exclusive Geyser Blue with black accents.

MG 3 Hybrid Plus.

cenews – April 10, 2024. In this full hybrid, the electric motor is more powerful than the 1.5-liter petrol engine. 195 hp system output. Standard consumption is 4.4 liters. Three equipment levels.

Peugeot E-3008.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – April 10, 2024. The new generation of the Peugeot E-3008 is expected to have a range of over 700 kilometers in the long-range version. 157 kW with front-wheel drive or 170 kW with all-wheel drive.

Citroën C3.

cenews – April 10, 2024. With the all-electric version comes the next generation of the small car with a combustion engine. Head-up display instead of instrument cluster. Smartphone station.


cenews – April 10, 2024. The quarterly result is primarily influenced by the decline in sales in Asia. The increase in demand for vans compensated somewhat for the decline in passenger cars.

Endkontrolle eines Skoda Octavia im tschechischen Werk Mladá Boleslav.

cenews – April 8, 2024. However, the customer's production is to be relocated to Kvasiny before the end of the year. This will create capacity for Enyaq and Elroq at the main plant.

Nissan Townstar Kastenwagen Doppelkabine.

cenews – April 8, 2024. The L2 length version of the van is also available with a crew cab and space for up to five people on request. 2.1 to 3.1 cubic meters of load volume.

Lexus UX 300h.

cenews – April 8, 2024. The hybrid's output has been increased by eleven kilowatts to 199 hp, and the model designation is now 300h. New battery. Assistance systems with extended functions.

Citroën ë-C3.

cenews – April 8, 2024. The B-Segemnt electric car will initially be launched on the market in two equipment versions starting at 23,300 euros. It will be even cheaper in 2025. Head-up display replaces instrument cluster.

Porsche feiert auf der Retro Classics 2024 „Beyond Performance – 50 Jahre Porsche Turbo“.

cenews – April 7, 2024. Porsche celebrates 50 years of the supercharged 911 at Retro Classics in Stuttgart, including Louise Piëch's "No. 1" one. The "Duet" and a talk with autograph session.

Toyota Land Cruiser 250 „First Edition“.

cenews – April 6, 2024. The new edition of the off-road vehicle is visually reminiscent of previous generations. The engine remains, the rest is new. Available to order from early summer. First Edition is already available.

Ducati vertraut bei seinen Motorölen auf Shell.

cenews – April 5, 2024. The mineral oil company will remain the original equipment manufacturer for a further three years and will also supply the dealer network with two special engine oils. The two companies have been working together since 1999.

Porsche Taycan Turbo GT.

cenews – April 5, 2024. The most powerful Porsche now has over 1000 hp, and a Chinese brand not only wants to drive its SUV, but also swim. New Alfa and an interview.

DS 3 Hybrid.

cenews – April 5, 2024. The new models are supported by a 21 kW electric motor with 55 Nm. Standard consumption is reduced by up to 20 percent. Only two equipment lines.

„My Skoda“-App.

cenews – April 4, 2024. The app gets a new layout and a number of improvements. Smart services such as "Pay to Park" and "Pay to Fuel". Production progress of the new car can be called up.

Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrums von Lexus im Technical Center Shimoyama von Toyota.

cenews – April 4, 2024. Third construction phase completed: The Technical Center in Shimoyama, Japan, is located on Toyota's own race track and employs around 3000 people.

Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE „Stealth Pack“.

cenews – April 4, 2024. The optional "Stealth Pack" consists of a gray satin wrap and contrasting black body accents. Only available for the Dynamic SE.

Das Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt in Flensburg.

cenews – April 4, 2024. The german passenger car market fell by 6.2 percent in March. Demand for electric cars was 29 percent below the previous year's figure. Mitsubishi recorded the strongest growth.

Renault Captur.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – April 4, 2024. There are 50 apps from the Playstore available for the small crossover. The LPG version remains in the range as a drive alternative to petrol or diesel.

Porsche Taycan.
By Guido Borck

cenews – April 4, 2024. Shorter charging times, more range and comfort for the Taycan. In addition, the new Turbo GT is the most powerful production Porsche to date.

Hyundai Tucson.

cenews – April 3, 2024. The SUV presents itself with a redesigned interior and improved connectivity. Smartphone as vehicle key. Plug-in hybrid later also with front-wheel drive.

Toyota bZ4X.

cenews – April 3, 2024. The electric model now starts at 42,900 euros. Customers also receive a bonus of 8000 euros. Navigation system keeps an eye on battery capacity.

Suzuki Vitara.

cenews – April 3, 2024. Multimedia system with nine-inch touchscreen and Connect app. The assistance systems will be updated. On sale from summer with the familiar drive systems.

Ducati-Aktion „We ride as One“ in Köln.

cenews – April 2, 2024. On May 4, motorcyclists from the brand will once again come together all over the world for local rides. In July, the WDW takes place at the race track in Misano.

Hauptsitz von Behr-Hella Thermocontrol in Lippstadt.

cenews – April 2, 2024. The joint venture between Mahle and Forvia, headquartered in Lippstadt, is sold to the AUO Cooperation. 3100 employees generate a turnover of over 600 million euros.

Gemeinsam mit Microsoft arbeitet Bosch an automatisiertem Fahren durch Künstliche Intelligenz.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – April 2, 2024. Bosch surveyed over 11,000 people in seven countries. More than half of them hope that AI will improve mobility and expect a high level of performance.

Carlos Tavares auf der CES 2022.

cenews – April 2, 2024. The Portuguese led PSA out of the crisis and then went on a shopping spree. Under his leadership, the 14-brand Stellantis group was ultimately created.

Rennwagensammlung von Jody Scheckter.
By Hans-Robert Richarz

cenews – April 1, 2024. In Monaco, Sotheby's is auctioning off twelve cars belonging to the 1979 Formula 1 World Champion, but a rare Sahara duck is also expected to fetch a six-figure sum in May.

Abarth 600e „Scorpionissima“.

cenews – March 31, 2024. To mark its 75th anniversary, the brand publishes further images of the 600e. It will be the most powerful production vehicle to date under the sign of the scorpion.

Opel Laubfrosch (1924).
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – March 30, 2024. In 1924, the Rüsslesheim-based company heralded the start of mass motorization with the green-painted 4 PS model. Today, the Corsa has taken over its legacy.

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2023 (London).

cenews – March 29, 2024. On May 19, stylishly dressed bikers all over the world will be riding for men's health. The most eager fundraiser will receive a Thruxton Final Edition.

Am 29. März 1974 begann Volkswagen in Wolfsburg mit der Produktion des ersten Golf.

cenews – March 29, 2024. The first vehicles were produced at Volkswagen's main plant in Wolfsburg 50 years ago today. To date, over 37 million vehicles have been produced.

Skoda eröffnet in Prag ein Regionalbüro der Volkswagen Group Technology Solutions India.

cenews – March 28, 2024. Cooperation with the more than 2,600 specialists at Volkswagen Group Technology Solutions in India, where the brand has strategic leadership for the VW Group.

Oliver Samson.

cenews – March 28, 2024. He began his career at the company and is now returning to the headquarters in Frankfurt after several stops at other car manufacturers.

Xpeng P7.

cenews – March 28, 2024. The P7 sports saloon starts at 49,600 euros and offers gullwing doors in the top version. The G9 not only accelerates rapidly, but also charges very quickly.

Honda Sustania-C Concept.

cenews – March 28, 2024. The Sustania-C Concpet and an electric scooter are exhibited at an event as part of Milan Design Week. Transparent fairing on the SH 125i.

Porsche Taycan.

cenews – March 27, 2024. The sports car manufacturer secures the expertise of Applied Intuition from Silicon Valley. Faster development and implementation.

Der 500. Hyundai Kona Elektro für Coca-Cola Deutschland in der Zentrale des Importeurs in Offenbach.

cenews – March 27, 2024. The beverage company wants to convert its entire vehicle fleet in Germany to electric drive. The Korean brand accounts for two thirds of the current electric vehicles.

Citroën Berlingo im Euro-NCAP-Test.

cenews – March 27, 2024. Which assistance systems are available and how well do they work? Six models were awarded "Gold" and two were awarded "Platinum".

Omoda 5 EV.

cenews – March 27, 2024. The Chinese car manufacturer is growing rapidly. Type approvals have been granted for the first two models in Germany. Adaptation to European requirements.

Nach über einem halben Jahr zurück in Nizza: Die Amerikanerin Lexie Alford hat mit einem Ford Explorer die erste Weltumrundung einbes Elektroautos geschafft.

cenews – March 26, 2024. American Lexie Alford drove over 30,000 kilometers through 27 countries in a Ford Explorer. Sales start. Prices start at 42,500 euros.

Easter Jeep Safari 2024: Willys Dispatcher Concept, Gladiator Rubicon High Top Concept, Vacationeer Concept und Low Down Concept (von links nach rechts im Uhrzeigersinn).

cenews – March 26, 2024. The big brand meeting with over 20,000 visitors is once again taking place in the US state of Utah. The manufacturer contributes four concept vehicles to the event in the Moab desert.

Hyundai beim Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013.

cenews – March 26, 2024. After a break of more than ten years, the brand intends to send four cars to the starting line. Two multiple winners have been signed up. Works driver Dani Sordo Castillo is also involved.

Mercedes-Benz G 500.

cenews – March 26, 2024. In its 45th year, the classic off-roader is getting some visual modifications, MBUX and hybridization. An electric version is to follow later.

Triumph Trident 660, Special Edition „Triple Tribute“.

cenews – March 26, 2024. Colorful special model "Triple Tribute" is reminiscent of the TT racing machine of the 1970s. Quickshifter, front spoiler and flyscreen are standard equipment.

Defender Octa auf Erprobungsfahrt.

cenews – March 26, 2024. The Land Rover sub-brand is working on a new top model of its classic with twin-turbo V8, mild hybrid technology and active pitch and roll stabilization.

Hyundai i30.

cenews – March 26, 2024. LED headlights and a digital cockpit will be standard in future. Enhanced driving aids with highway assistant and cornering warning system. Seven new exterior colors.

Carrera-Cup: Porsche 911 GT3 RS (Renntaxi) und Taycan Turbo GT (Safety-Car).

cenews – March 25, 2024. The car rental company will be the title sponsor of the Carrera Cup and will also be offering some models from Stuttgart as rental cars at some of its stations from April.

Peugeot 9X8.

cenews – March 25, 2024. The 9X8 has been modified in many ways for this year's World Endurance Championship. New eye-catching paintwork. Debut at the six-hour race in Imola.

Honda e-Ny1.
By Frank Wald

cenews – March 24, 2024. With full hybrids, part-time electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles, the Japanese have now completely electrified their fleet, but customers also have to pay a lot for this.

Suzuki Swift.

cenews – March 24, 2024. The new model generation of the small car offers significantly more equipment. New 92 hp engine with standard consumption of less than five liters. Also with all-wheel drive.

By Hans-Robert Richarz

cenews – March 24, 2024. There are said to be large deposits of H2 underground. Discoveries all over the world. A cheap alternative to the secondary energy generated to date?

Mercedes-AMG GT 43 Coupé.

cenews – March 23, 2024. In the summer, Mercedes launches the GT 43 coupé with a 421 hp four-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive. Turbocharger technology from Formula 1.

Lexus LY 680.

cenews – March 22, 2024. The LY 680 luxury motor yacht will be launched in two years' time. The flybridge and bathing platform have been significantly enlarged compared to the current model.

Fiat E-Ducato.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – March 22, 2024. The range is now over 400 kilometers. The engine is significantly more powerful than before. The commercial vehicles of all four brands operate under the Pro One business unit.

VW Passat e-Hybrid.

cenews – March 22, 2024. The 122 hp diesel marks the entry-level model in the range with prices starting at 41,745 euros. Two plug-in hybrids with an electric range of up to 120 kilometers.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N.
By Matthias Knödler

cenews – March 22, 2024. No electric car has ever come to us as sporty as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N. The aim of the developers was to bring the feeling of a sporty combustion engine into the electric car.

Cupra-Chef Wayne Griffiths mit dem Raval.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – March 22, 2024. The success is not only due to the Cupra sports brand. The company is returning to profit. A series of new products announced.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X.

cenews – March 21, 2024. BMW has presented the first derivative of its future electric model series. The Sports Activity Vehicle is designed for bidirectional charging and is scheduled to go into production in 2025.

Jeep Avenger e-Hybrid.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – March 21, 2024. Following the electric version, the brand's entry-level model now has a petrol engine with 21 kW e-support. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 40 percent. From 27,000 euros.


cenews – March 21, 2024. Last year, the brand delivered 10,112 sports cars and achieved a record profit of over 720 million euros. The margin was a record-breaking 27.2 percent.

Peugeot E-Rifter.

cenews – March 21, 2024. The facelift includes a digital display, extended cruise control and a heat pump as standard for greater range.

VWN-Markenchef Carsten Intra auf der Jahrespressekonferenz 2024.

cenews – March 21, 2024. Volkswagen's commercial vehicle division sold around a quarter more cars last year and increased its operating result to 873 million euros.

By Guido Reinking

cenews – March 21, 2024. Volkswagen transfers the GTX concept to the ID Buzz, which is also available with a long wheelbase. 250 kW and all-wheel drive. To 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds.

Peter Holdmann.

cenews – March 20, 2024. Dr. Peter Holdmann takes over the management of the Chassis Solutions division and the quality department. Voirgänger will leave the company in the course of the year.

Stellantis-Konzernchef Carlos Tavares (rechts) im Gespräch mit Adam Goldstein, CEO von Archer.

cenews – March 20, 2024. The automotive group has acquired 8.3 million shares in the Californian company and is the exclusive production partner for the electric city airplanes.

Lancia Ypsilon Cassina Hybrid.

cenews – March 20, 2024. A 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine with a belt-starter generator and 100 hp as an alternative to the electric version. Germany will have to wait another year for the new model.

Selbstfahrender Prototyp eines VW ID Buzz.

cenews – March 20, 2024. Joint development of level 2 to 4 automated driving functions for the Cariad software architectures. Initially for the premium brands and commercial vehicles.

Opel Astra Hybrid.

cenews – March 20, 2024. The supporting electric motor with 21 kW reduces the WLTP consumption of the 1.2-liter engine to around five liters. Available as a saloon and estate. From 36,430 euros.