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Citroën C5 X Plug-in-Hybrid.
By Jens Meiners

cenews – September 26, 2023. The brand's flagship is a plug-in hybrid with an unusual shape and outstanding value for money. 180-hp version available from 46,290 euros.

Ineos Grenadier: Start der Serienproduktion für die USA und Kanada.

cenews – September 25, 2023. The first Grenadiers for the USA are scheduled for delivery in November. With over 7,000 orders, the United States is the largest sales market for the off-road vehicle.

Peugeot E-208.

cenews – September 25, 2023. The small car bestseller gets a facelift. Two new 48-volt hybrids save up to 15 percent fuel. 75-hp gasoline engine from €21,225.

Lexus-Präsident Takashi Watanabe mit den Modellen LM, LBX und GX.

cenews – September 25, 2023. Concept vehicle gives a preview of the next electric generation at the Japan Mobility Show. Prior to this, a targeted model offensive will be launched next year with the LBX and LM.

Kollaps mit neuem Verkehrskonzept bei Großveranstaltungen: Weihnachtsmarkt in Hannover.

cenews – September 25, 2023. By 2035, the capital of Lower Saxony is to achieve more mobility with less traffic thanks to a new traffic concept.

Defender Rally Series.

cenews – September 24, 2023. The Rally Series is entering its third season. For the first time, the participants will have the opportunity to compete outside the UK with the vehicles built by Bowler.


cenews – September 22, 2023. Federal Highway Research Institute presents its report: Lack of knowledge of rules and driving errors, lack of protective equipment and incorrect parking.

Fiat 600e.

cenews – September 22, 2023. The 4.17-meter-long 600e is available from 36,490 euros and has a range of over 400 kilometers. Alternatively, there will also be a mild hybrid.

BMW Motorrad.

cenews – September 22, 2023. BMW presents the R 1300 GS. Porsche 718 Boxster, Ora Funky Cat and Jeep Compass PHEV in everyday tests. Apps to help campers find a parking space.

Alexander Buckan.

cenews – September 22, 2023. Edgar Heinrich retires after more than 35 years at BMW. His successor has already been involved in the design of various models since 2003.

Skoda Kodiaq.

cenews – September 21, 2023. A black Kodiaq completes the round number. It all began in 2009 with the Yeti. There are now four model series in Europe and one in India for the booming segment.

Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric und XC40 Reharge Pure Electric.

cenews – September 21, 2023. The engine moves from the front to the rear axle. Basic version gets more power. Up to 580 kilometers. Prices start at 47,500 euros.

Toyota stellt für die Olympischen und Paralympischen Spiele 2024 in Paris 500 Mirai bereit.

cenews – September 20, 2023. Toyota is providing a fleet of fuel cell sedans for next year's Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. Energy from renewable sources.

Ducati Multistrada V4 S Grand Tour.

cenews – September 20, 2023. The Grand Tour comes fully equipped. Exclusive paintwork with special graphics and some rally parts. On sale from November for 27,035 euros.

Volvo-Dieselmotor D4 (Archiv).

cenews – September 19, 2023. Six years ago, the company announced that it was phasing out combustion technology. From 2030, only electric cars will be produced.

Der neue Skoda Superb und der neue Kodiaq (hinten) wurden zwei Jahre lang und über insgesamt mehr als eine Million Kilometer unter verschiedenen Bedingungen getestet.

cenews – September 19, 2023. The new models were tested for two years and over a total of more than one million kilometers under various conditions. 40 years of service life are simulated.

VW Tiguan R-Line e-Hybrid.

cenews – September 19, 2023. The third-generation model was the first to be presented to the workforce in Wolfsburg today. Market launch in 2024. Up to 100 kilometers electric range.

Mittelkonsole von Grammer für den Hiphi X von Human Horizons.

cenews – September 19, 2023. Display holders, phone trays and cupholders with magnets, as well as fold-out tables, create a lounge atmosphere in the HiPhi X premium SUV. Covered in leather.

Dr. Christian Weingärtner, Geschäftsführer Marketing & Verkauf Ford DACH.

cenews – September 19, 2023. The automaker is getting involved in the digitalization trade show in Cologne. 15 Mustang Mach-Es make up the shuttle fleet. Five vehicles are available for test drives.

Ford Ranger PHEV.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – September 19, 2023. From 2025, the pickup will also be able to travel a good 45 kilometers on electric power alone and will also be able to supply its owner's work equipment with electricity. Price still open.

 Renault Trafic E-Tech Electric.

cenews – September 18, 2023. The panel van will be launched in the fall in various body variants. The engine has an output of 90 kW. Faster charging with 50 kW will be available later.

Batterieproduktion im BBA-Werk Tiexi (China).

cenews – September 18, 2023. Spanish scenario for next EU summit: dependence on China comparable to that of Russia before the attack on Ukraine for energy.

Gemeinsam mit der Konzernschwester Lamborghini entwickelt Ducati die Vehicle-to-Vehicle-Technologie weiter, um Motorrad fahren sicherer zu machen.

cenews – September 18, 2023. Together with Lamborghini, new V2V technologies are being developed to mitigate the most critical and common accident situations in collisions with passenger cars.

Honda CR-V e-HEV.
By Frank Wald

cenews – September 18, 2023. In its sixth generation, the former compact SUV is outgrowing itself, but also in price. Starting at 51,400 euros, German customers can choose between a full hybrid and a plug-in hybrid.

Yamaha WR 450 F.

cenews – September 17, 2023. The competition enduro takes its cues from the YZ 450 F motocrosser, loses weight and has become five centimeters narrower. New, more powerful engine.

Elegend EL1.

cenews – September 17, 2023. The Bavarian manufactory plans to start building 30 electric supercars by hand next year. In 7.5 seconds to 200 km/h and costing over one million euros.

NSU Ramses.

cenews – September 15, 2023. In the 1960s, the Egyptian government wanted to establish its own automotive industry. With parts from the Prinz from Neckarsulm, the Ramses was created.

Lucid Air.

cenews – September 15, 2023. Frank Wald drives "the best electric car in the world", Guido Borck drives the Ford Ranger and the lifted Volvo XC 40, Michael Kirchberger asks two Opels to a rendezvous.

Feststoffbatterie von Toyota.

cenews – September 14, 2023. Toyota is working on various solutions for the next generation of batteries. From 2026, higher efficiency, faster charging and lower costs.

Kawasaki Ze-1 und Ninjae-1.

cenews – September 14, 2023. The Ze-1 and Ninjae-1 are the first electric motorcycles from a Japanese volume manufacturer. They are in the light motorcycle class and have a speed of 99 km/h.

Letzte Erprobungsfahrten mit dem neuen Porsche Panamera.

cenews – September 14, 2023. The third generation of the sports sedan is officially unveiled in November. New powertrain, compression and rebound dampers regulate independently.

IAA Mobility 2023.
By Peter Schwerdtmann, cen

cenews – September 14, 2023. In an interview, trade show and marketing expert Johannes Plass sees the German automotive industry in the role of the driven.

Hyundai Kona Elektro.

cenews – September 14, 2023. The new edition of the crossover was designed primarily as an e-car, but is also still available as a combustion engine. Two different battery sizes and power levels.

Audi RS e-Tron GT Ice Race Edition.

cenews – September 13, 2023. To mark the 40th anniversary of Sport GmbH, the "Ice Race Edition" of the RS e-Tron GT is launched. 99 copies in silver with white and violet partial foiling.

Land Rover präsentiert am Vorabend der Weltmeisterschaft in Frankreich das Sondermodell Defender 110 „Rugby World Cup 2023 Limited Edition“.

cenews – September 13, 2023. The sub-brand accompanies the World Cup in France. Role models of the sport are honored with a prototypical statue made from production waste. Special model.

Geely-Messeauftritt auf der Auto Shanghai 2021.

cenews – September 13, 2023. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announces investigations into market-distorting subsidies during her State of the Union address.

20 Jahre Ducati Multistrada.

cenews – September 13, 2023. The 1000 DS was a polarizing model launched in 2003. Today, the series is also established as a technology pioneer. Special exhibition at the factory museum in Bologna.

Renault Trucks E-Tech Trafic.

cenews – September 12, 2023. The all-electric variant with 90 kW expands the Renault Trucks range. Transporter with a range of almost 300 kilometers. Different variants.

Brennstoffzellen-Lkw von VDL mit Toyota-Technik.

cenews – September 12, 2023. A prototype was created together with the Dutch VDL Group. Four more vehicles are being prepared. Field test with logistics service providers.

Peugeot E-3008.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – September 12, 2023. The new platform from the Stellantis Group is designed for record-breaking ranges of up to 700 kilometers. The electric car will be launched on the market at the beginning of next year.

Batterietechnologie-Zentrum von Stellantis in Mirafiori.

cenews – September 12, 2023. At Fiat's traditional Mirafiori plant, the Stellantis Group has opened a test center for batteries. Stress test for batteries: What can they withstand?

Toyota C-HR.
By Ute Kernbach

cenews – September 12, 2023. Marketed as a coupe-highrider, the crossover will arrive early next year in three hybrid versions and with up to 223 hp. Only available in Europe.

Hyundai Staria Paravan.

cenews – September 11, 2023. Cooperation with the german specialist Paravan. Lowering the vehicle floor provides 1.40 meters of interior height. Various solutions also for self-driving vehicles.

Peugeot E-308 SW.

cenews – September 11, 2023. The SW is powered by a 115 kW engine and has a standard range of over 400 kilometers. The price list starts at 45,765 euros.


cenews – September 11, 2023. The factories in Oxford and Swindon are being made fit for the next generation of electric vehicles at a cost of around 700 million euros. No more combustion engines in the new decade.

BMW X5 x-Drive 50e.

cenews – September 11, 2023. The SUV series gets 48-volt hybridization and a redesigned cockpit as well as significantly improved voice control. M Competitipon with 625 hp on top.

Lexie Alford will mit einem Ford Explorer die erste Weltumrundung in einem Elektroauto schaffen.

cenews – September 10, 2023. Influencer Lexie Alford has set out on her record attempt. The Ford Explorer has to cover almost 29,000 kilometers on all six continents.

Das Elektromobil Muc022 der TU München bei seiner Rekordfahrt.

cenews – September 10, 2023. Student team from the Technical University of Munich made its rounds in an empty aircraft hangar for six days using the energy of a 15.5-kWh battery.

VW ID X Performance.

cenews – September 9, 2023. The X Performance is based on the ID 7, ast a wider track, a second engine and a lowered chassis. Lots of carbon and a power output of 411 kW.

Aprilia RS 457.

cenews – September 8, 2023. The Italians surprise with a smaller supersport and a newly developed 457-cubic two-cylinder. Entry-level-friendly 48 hp. Three riding modes.

Lotus Emeya.

cenews – September 8, 2023. Following the recently unveiled Eletre SUV, the Emeya hypercar sedan is now being presented as another electric model. Over 900 hp, to 100 km/h in under 2.8 seconds.

In Birmingham steht eine der größten Ladestationen Europas: Für den Belastungstest wurden 32 Jaguar I-Pace gleichzeitig an Ladepunkte angeschlossen.

cenews – September 8, 2023. One of the largest electric charging station in Europe is located in England. 32 Jaguar I-Pace were connected simultaneously to test the facility's load capacity.

Dacia sponsert die europäischen Veranstaltungen der UTMB World Series.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – September 8, 2023. The Romanian Renault offshoot changes its sponsorship activities and supports the European UTMB series for endurance runners. Bigger stage for the brand.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally.

cenews – September 7, 2023. The new model variant is based on the GT, is higher and has more torque. Looks like a competition car. Available from spring.


cenews – September 7, 2023. The Austrian two-wheeler importer and manufacturer of the Brixton brand is said to have debts of around 120 million euros. Restructuring proceedings without self-administration applied for.

cenews – September 7, 2023. "Car-Editors.News" from today serves editorial offices and opinion makers all over the world with relevant and current information from the German car network in English.

Alan Foster.

cenews – September 6, 2023. Alan Foster becomes COO of the finnish electric motorcycle manufacturer, Haydn Baker takes over CPO duties. Decades of automotive experience.

Eine defekte Windschutzscheibe wird bei Audi demontiert, um einen Teil des Glases wiederzuverwerten.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – September 6, 2023. Glass can be reused almost indefinitely. That should also be possible for automotive glass, thought the experts at Audi, and launched the "GlassLoop" project.

Toyota Hilux mit Brennstoffzellenantrieb.

cenews – September 6, 2023. A total of ten prototypes are to be built for testing in England by the end of the year. The battery is under the cargo bed. A range of over 600 kilometers.

Toyota GR Supra „GT4 100th Edition Tribute“.

cenews – September 6, 2023. Toyota celebrates the 100th GT4 customer sports car with a collector's model of the GR Supra limited to three units for 220,000 euros net.

Stellantis hat seine Motorenbaureihen erfolgreich auf e-Fuel-Tauglichkeit getestet.

cenews – September 5, 2023. The car company has been testing its engine series for months. Technical changes would not be necessary. Cooperation with the chemical and energy company Aramco.

Renault Grand Kangoo.

cenews – September 5, 2023. The long version of the high-roof station wagon has its premiere in Munich. Also available as a fully electric version. Up to seven seats and 3750 liters of cargo volume.

Volkswagen ID GTI Concept.
By Jens Meiners

cenews – September 4, 2023. The small five-door model draws from all GTI generations and yet represents an independent approach.

Toyota Land Cruiser „First Edition“.

cenews – September 4, 2023. The new edition of the traditional off-roader will be launched next year. The engine remains, but visually it goes back to the roots. A lot of fine-tuning work on the chassis.

BYD Seal.

cenews – September 3, 2023. BYD is bringing the Seal, an upscale electric car, to Europe. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the third quarter of this year.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse.

cenews – September 2, 2023. The BMW Vision New Class brings a view of the future of the BMW brand: electric, digital and circular. Design: reduced to the essentials .

Mini Cooper und Mini Countryman.

cenews – September 1, 2023. The brand is continuing its development into a model range with purely electrically powered models.

ZF i2SM-Motor.

cenews – September 1, 2023. Inductive current transfer unit inside the rotor enables ultra-compact e-motor design with performance data on a par with permanent magnet synchronous machines.


cenews – August 31, 2023. Trend Micro's first "Pwn2Own Automotive" will take place in Tokyo in January 2024.

In Zukunft mit Wasserstoff: Rennserie für Geländefahrzeuge.

cenews – August 31, 2023. Extreme E and the FIA announce plans for a world championship featuring hydrogen-powered off-road vehicles. First race later this year.

Volkswagen Passat Variant.

cenews – August 31, 2023. Volkswagen presents new generation of the Passat with two new plug-in hybrid drives with a purely electric range of approximately 100 km.

Jens Meiners, Guido Reinking (von links).

cenews – August 31, 2023. The network of freelance trade journalists wants to expand and become more international - Jens Meiners becomes chief correspondent.

Magnum und sein Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole von Playmobil.

cenews – August 30, 2023. The toy brand revives the detective from the cult series, complete with moustache and Hawaiian shirt, in his 308 GTS Quattrovalvole, faithfully modeled on the originals.

Seat 600.

cenews – August 30, 2023. The Seat 600 was to Germans what the Beetle was: a spherical folk hero that mobilized the masses from 1957 onwards. 50 years ago, the last example rolled off the production line in Barcelona.

IAA Mobility 2021.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – August 30, 2023. Car premieres, family programs, outdoor concerts and job prospects are just some of the offers to see the IAA Mobility 2023 - and maybe even the last time in Munich.

Erste „Charging Lounge“ von Porsche in Bingen.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – August 30, 2023. In the manufacturer's first "Charging Lounge," the energy flows at six pillars with up to 300 kW. Further stations in Europe on important traffic arteries are to follow.

Karmann Mobil Davis 600.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – August 29, 2023. Karmann Mobil now also offers longitudinal beds in a smaller format in the Davis 600. The new floor plan based on the Fiat Ducato can be seen at the trade show in Düsseldorf.

Skoda Kodiaq-Interieur mit Gangwahlhebel am Lenkrad und Dreh-Drück-Knöpfen mit Digitalanzeigen.

cenews – August 29, 2023. Surprising innovations include gear selector levers on the steering column and customizable rotary-push buttons with digital display, seat upholstery made of 100 percent recycled polyester.

Mercedes-Benz Schnellladepark.

cenews – August 29, 2023. Charging hubs in Atlanta (USA), Chengdu (China) and Mannheim (Germany) starting in October, up to 400 kW charging capacity, open to all brands, long-term target over 10,000 charging points by 2030.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid Coupé mit GT-Paket.

cenews – August 29, 2023. Porsche reveals performance and prices for new top model, plug-in hybrid develops 739 hp and 950 Nm of torque, coupe with GT package speeds up to 305 km/h.

Personalwechsel in der Mercedes-Benz Kommunikation: Willem Spelten, Katja Bott, Rob Halloway, Bettina Fetzer, Tobias Just (v.l.n.r.).

cenews – August 28, 2023. Rob Halloway succeeds Katja Bott as Head of Brand Communications for Passenger Cars and Vans, and Willem Spelten succeeds Tobias Just as Group Spokesperson.

Audi Q6 e-Tron Prototyp.

cenews – August 28, 2023. At the IAA Mobility, the Ingolstadt-based company is only unveiling the cockpit and interior of its first electric model on the new Premium Platform Electric, camouflaged prototype on the trade show grounds.

IAA-Konzeptfahrzeug Opel CD von 1969.

cenews – August 27, 2023. The Experimental, which Opel is presenting at IAA Mobility 2023, is just the latest chapter in the history of concept studies from Rüsselsheim, from Opel GT to Monza Concept.

Elektro-Cabrio Fiat 500e.
By Guido Borck

cenews – August 27, 2023. The electric Cinquecento is currently the only fully electric fresh-air vehicle in the small car segment, which is sparsely populated with electric vehicles.

Künstler Ding Yi individualisiert Taycan Turbo S mit eigenem Gemälde.

cenews – August 26, 2023. Artist Ding Yi individualizes Taycan Turbo S with his own painting, cutouts on body and interior, unique piece suitable for everyday use to be driven in Shanghai.

Land Rover Defender und Sänger Kano starten TikTok-Kanal.

cenews – August 25, 2023. Defender launches a joint account with British musician and actor Kano on the video portal, who intones a soundtrack as the first post.

Mercedes-Benz 540K Spezial-Roadster in Monterey.
By Jens Meiners

cenews – August 25, 2023. Whether electric or internal combustion, the main thing is exclusive. California's Pacific Peninsula is the meeting place for the automotive elite.

ZF-Stand "X-by-Wire" auf der IAA Mobility 2023.

cenews – August 25, 2023. Technology group puts portfolio of electronically controlled steering systems, brakes or dampers at center stage of trade show presentation, ultra-compact 800-volt electric drive.

VW Amarok-Umbau von Ausrüster Genesis Import.

cenews – August 25, 2023. VW Amarok conversion by outfitter Genesis Import with roof tent, 270-degree awning and removed aluminum cab hardtop, LED lighting on the roof and auxiliary headlights on the front end.

Polestar 4.

cenews – August 25, 2023. Chauffeur-driving technology from Mobileye to debut in electric SUV coupe at a later date, sales launch in China, globally in 2024.

VW California Concept, Präsentation auf dem Caravan Salon 2023.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – August 25, 2023. VW is showing a study of the seventh generation camping bus at the Caravan Salon, with a second sliding door and plug-in hybrid drive, production model possible in 2025.

Citroën Type Holidays.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – August 25, 2023. Retro camper with corrugated plastic look for distinctive travel experience, on board four can sleep and eat, modern interior, a lifting roof brings standing height.

Techniker im JLR-Werk in Solihull.

cenews – August 24, 2023. Jaguar Land Rover creates new jobs at its Solihull, Gaydon and Whitley sites in England, £200 million for automated body production.

Mercedes-Benz EQA & EQB.

cenews – August 24, 2023. Optical fine-tuning, MBUX infotainment system with standard central display, Plug&Charge function and more range for EQA, optional towing hitch for EQB.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – August 24, 2023. Traditional campervan based on the Transit Custom comes with a standard retractable roof and diesel engine, later also as a plug-in version and all-wheel-drive variant, equipment from Westfalia.

Fahrradtransport mit Kia Sportage.
By Michael Kirchberger

cenews – August 23, 2023. With electrically extending trailer hitch and a foldable carrier for the bikes, their transportation with a Kia Sportage succeeds in the most pleasant way.

Assistiertes Fahren.

cenews – August 23, 2023. Confidence in driverless technology down, doubts about reliability and fear of hackers, enormous potential for society, security and business location according to experts.

Produktion des Hyundai Kona Elektro im Werk Nošovice in Tschechien.

cenews – August 23, 2023. Still 21,000 units planned for this year, another 50,000 in 2024, plant already involved in model development, 15 percent of total production, delivery to 42 countries.

ZF-CEO Holger Klein.

cenews – August 22, 2023. Lighter, smaller e-motors, solutions for trucks: The development service provider is making a leap forward.

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 SUV.

cenews – August 21, 2023. The sporty flagship of the Swabian e-offensive with just under 700 hp is a marvel of longitudinal dynamics, but seems much more sluggish in tight corners than the combustion engines.