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Stellantis-Konzernchef Carlos Tavares (rechts) im Gespräch mit Adam Goldstein, CEO von Archer.

cenews – March 20, 2024. The automotive group has acquired 8.3 million shares in the Californian company and is the exclusive production partner for the electric city airplanes.

Lidar-Technologie zum Abtasten der Umgebung für das autonome Fahren.
By Guido Reinking

cenews – March 20, 2024. The automotive group acquires a stake in the French start-up. Solid-state systems do not require moving parts and are more cost-effective. First it's the turn of the premium brands.

Stellantis investiert in Südamerika in Bio-Hybridtechnik und Elektromobilität.

cenews – March 7, 2024. 5.6 billion euros will flow into hybrid technology with biofuel and electromobility as well as over 40 new products by 2030. Market leader in three countries in the region.

Opel Movano.

cenews – February 28, 2024. The Group division Pro One contributed a third of the company's net sales. Market leader in Europe and South America. Campervans for Australia and Japan.

Vereinbaren die Lieferung von bis zu 500.000 Fahrzeugen (v.l.): Uwe Hochgeschurtz, Stellantis Chief Operating Officer Enlarged Europe, und Miel Horsten, Ayvens COO.

cenews – February 26, 2024. The leading long-term leasing and fleet management provider and the automotive group have reached a framework agreement for the next three years.


cenews – February 15, 2024. Last year, the Group achieved a turnover of almost 190 billion euros and a record profit of 18.6 billion euros. The dividend is to amount to 1.55 euros.

Stellantis-Werk Szentgotthard in Ungarn.

cenews – February 13, 2024. Production capacity for electric drive modules is to be increased at the Szentgotthard plant. Total investment of around 103 million euros.

Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen.

cenews – February 12, 2024. The car manufacturer plans to produce 5,000 fuel cell vehicles a year in future. The medium-sized vans of the four brands come from France, the large ones from Poland.

Deutscher Stellantis-Sitz in Rüsselsheim.

cenews – February 8, 2024. The Group sold 17.6 percent more passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the first month of the year. New registrations in Germany increased by 61 percent compared to January 2023

Stellantis fertig auch die Brennstoffzellenvarianten seiner mittelgroßen Transporter Citroën ë-Jumpy, Fiat E-Scudo, Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro Electric und Peugeot E-Expert in industrieller Serienproduktion.

cenews – January 30, 2024. The eight models of the four Group commercial vehicle brands are built in France and Poland. A range of up to 500 kilometers and a refueling time of four to five minutes.

YouTube-Screenshot der Stellantis' „STLA Large“-Plattform.

cenews – January 19, 2024. "STLA Large" enables a broad spectrum, from passenger cars to crossovers to SUVs, up to 800 kilometers range and 800-volt charging technology, first use in Jeep and Dodge.

Unterzeichneten den Vertrag über die Lieferung von bis zu 250.000 Autos: Stellantis-Europachef Uwe Hochgeschurtz (links) und Vinzenz Pflanz, Chief Business Officer von Sixt.

cenews – January 16, 2024. The car manufacturer is to supply the rental company with up to 250,000 vehicles over the next three years. First major batch already in the current quarter.


cenews – January 12, 2024. The Group increased its sales by 5.9 percent last year. Every seventh electric car comes from there. Market leader for light commercial vehicles in Germany.

Olivier François, Global Chief Marketing Officer der Stellantis-Gruppe, ist in die „Advertising Hall of Fame“ aufgenommen.

cenews – December 5, 2023. Stellantis' Head of Marketing Oliver François inducted into the American "Advertising Hall of Fame", commercials with Nelson Mandela, Leo DiCaprio, Bruce Springsteen and Eminem.

Symbio-Brennstoffzellenfabrik „SymphonHy“, ein Joint Venture von Forvia, Michelin und Stellantis.

cenews – December 5, 2023. Joint venture between Stellantis, Forvia and Michelin is set to become the largest fuel cell factory in Europe by 2026 with an annual production of 50,000 systems.

Reycling und Wiederaufbereitung im „Circular Economy“-Zentrum von Stellantis in Turin.

cenews – November 24, 2023. At the Circular Economy Hub in Turin, older vehicles are reconditioned and old parts are recycled for reuse. 73,000 square meter complex.


cenews – November 21, 2023. Both companies have signed a letter of intent to supply lithium iron phosphate batteries for Europe. Foundation of a joint venture possible.

IAA Mobility 2023: Leapmotor C10.

cenews – October 26, 2023. The auto group plans to acquire around 20 percent of the shares in the Chinese manufacturer for 1.5 billion euros. Joint venture planned for international markets.

Leichte Nutzfahrzeuge der Marken Citroën, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot und Vauxhall von Stellantis.
By Walther Wuttke

cenews – October 24, 2023. The Group plans to expand its van and van business. Annual sales are expected to double to over three million units by the end of the decade.

cenews – October 11, 2023. The new battery plant is to be built on the site of the first production facility already under construction. Total investment of over 5.5 billion euros.

Batterietechnologie-Zentrum von Stellantis in Mirafiori.

cenews – September 12, 2023. At Fiat's traditional Mirafiori plant, the Stellantis Group has opened a test center for batteries. Stress test for batteries: What can they withstand?

Stellantis hat seine Motorenbaureihen erfolgreich auf e-Fuel-Tauglichkeit getestet.

cenews – September 5, 2023. The car company has been testing its engine series for months. Technical changes would not be necessary. Cooperation with the chemical and energy company Aramco.


cenews – August 17, 2023. Over $100 million for Controlled-Thermal-Resources project, including to make Stellantis streamers eligible for U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding.